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Mass Media Manipulation

No description

monica ryadi

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Mass Media Manipulation

Mass Media Manipulation

Monica Ryadi

"Toddlers and Tiaras"
Essential Question
How can people make decision to prevent themselves from being brainwashed by the negativity of the mass media?
Back in the day
Modern generation
Mass Media Cause Social Issues?
Constantly blamed for issues that occur in the society.
Aiming for easy target like children, teenagers, and young adults.
Popularly known issues such as eating disorder, depression, obesity, underage drinking and smoking are due to the exposure of mass media
Young kids are expose to things that they shouldn't see.
Media of Before and Now
Media was not as influential back in the 1960's and 1970's.
Television cost way too much.
Limited channels and a few public broadcasting.
No reality television shows.
Mass Media
Source of mass communication to reach a large audience.
Transmit information through different type of form.

Mass Media & Society
Everyone relies on it to stay connected with the world, gain knowledge, and to do daily basis activities.
Mass media deliver messages everyday that affect our thoughts, values, and action.
It has a huge power to shape and create American culture, known as mediated culture.
American reality television show that expose inappropriate things to younger girls.

These girls are introduced to makeup, spray tan, waxing, fake breasts, and sexuality by their own parents at a very young age.

This topic is important because...
Some people aren't completely aware of these influences and it is possible to prevent it.
Different Type of Mass Media
Broadcast Media:
radio, film, television

Print Media:
newspaper, books
Outdoor Media:

billboards, signs, blimps
Digital Media:
internet and mobile
Public speaking and event organizing
In this modern generation, mass media has grown dramatically.
Even low-class families can afford television.
Diverse shows for all age's audience and backgrounds.
Very easy access to resources and information.
Idolization Goes Wrong
Younger generation tend to idolize celebrities and models in the media.
They often imitate blindly.
Exposure of inappropriate behaviors of celebrities.
Idolization can jepordize self-image.
Mass Media creates the idea of what would be acceptable in the society.
The Idea of Beauty
The media most likely to focus on thin models and actresses as an ideal of beauty.
It gives the wrong message to women and younger girls.
Result in self-hatred, follows with eating disorder in order to reach the standards of beauty in society.
Health Concerns on Obsesity
Many junk food and unhealthy fast food advertisement on mass media.
Leads to deeper consumption of fattening food towards those who are dealing with obesity.
It's rare to find advertisement promoting healthy eating and staying active.
Childhood Exposure
to Media Violence
One of the major impacts on young children.
Expose in video games, such as murdering and gun shooting other players.
The age restriction doesn't stop children from receiving access to it without parental consent or awareness.
Most movies and television shows potray violent content
Harm children's mental health and cause aggressive behaviors.
Effects of Advertising on Adults
Manipulate older audiences on a different level.
Women would spend hundreds of dollars on beauty products to prevent aging.
Advertising narrows the definition of what it means to be a man.
Most likely images of masculinity.
When shown with women, men have to be dominant.
Positive Effects of Mass Media
It makes people's lives much more convenient.
Increase knowledge and awareness of latest issues that occur in the society.
Easy access to share information and communicate worldwide.
Benefits companies to promote their products.
Organizations and large events are popularly known thanks to mass media.
Positive Effects on Youth
Achieve great knowledge from educational shows.
Social media resulted in boosting younger teenager's confidence and communication skills.
Acts as a constructive influence in many cases.
Improvement on video games that encourages physical activity.
Advertisement againts smoking and alcohol gives warning and awareness towards youth.
Protection from Negative Influences
Take advantage of the oppurtunities of mass media.
Educate the mind with broad information and put to good use.
Set goals for healthy behaviors.
Excercise self-discipline and self-control.
Protect Youth from Negative Messages
Support of parents plays an important role.
Communication is the key.
Provide strong alternatives point of views.
Monitor and limit child's exposure of media.
Educate children on how to distinguish from fiction, the truth, and the hype.
Listen respectfully to response.
Over exposure of mass media causes negative impact on the society, but if it is use constructively it can be beneficial to anyone.
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