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Sarah DiGuiseppi

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

McGregor's Ltd.
Department Store
Case 6.1 Erica Davis
Rebecca Bramlett
Sarah DiGuiseppi History of McGregor's Quick Facts Employee Discount Program Existing Discount Scheme Problem Chapter Relation History - Sarah
Overview/Problem -Sarah
Chapter Relation - Erica
Recommendations - Erica
General Comments -Rebecca
Conclusion - Rebecca Selecting a Persuasive Structure
Audience Argument
Interested One Sided
Supportive Pro-Con
Informed Deductive

Hostile Two -Sided
Unengaged Con-Pro
Uninformed Inductive
Founded 1871
Family Managed
Downtown Boston
Traditional Values
Current President, James McGregor
Emphasis on personal service Unusual goods
Older clientele
Recruiting young staff
Not in competition with price slashing stores
1980's Merger Employee policies
needed to be created/revised
including the Employee
Discount Program. Current Content, Argument and Structure
What is your topic/purpose?
What are the pros and cons?
Courses of action. "Even when the company was
doing well, it was better
to prevent trouble
than to wait until it came up." Complex
Time Consuming
Eating profits Comparative to
other stores
No hierarchical
3 Tier Program
Financial Sense Discount offered
spending Proposed Developing an Action
Oriented Structure Action-Oriented listeners focus on and are interested first on what will be done, what actions will happen, when and who will do them. Recommendation. What is your goal?
Rationale. History and facts that support your goal.
Implementation. How and when will you proceed and what is your timeline. The Power of Narrative Opening Strategies:
Getting Attention

•Explain what’s at stake
•Start in the middle
•Vivid, Concrete Image
•Bring light to familiar situations Building Strategies:
Holding Attention

•Where are you going next and why
•Overcome Obstacles
•Maintain Suspense
•Character in Action Concluding Strategies:
Letting Go

•Create a Firm Sense of Closure
•Respect the Audience’s Expectations of time
•Draw the Lesson or Moral
•Address the Next steps Tips and Recommendations

He should consider using two-sided to tell the management staffs who are executives and buyers since they may resist the new discount policy. He should rationalize (Given, Since, Therefore) and let them know it really is for the greater good of the business.
The policy is old fashion and NOT FAIR! All employees should have the same discounts.
If you build it they will come! Slightly modernize the store to appeal to younger crowd. Downtown Boston
Family owned & managed
James McGregor, President
Emphasis on Personal Service
721Employees Are you for or against the proposed Employee Discount Program? Thank you! The size of the discount depended on their position within the company. In order for this to be verified, the employee had to be verified at the time of sale by having their employee ID checked and then by having their discount applied at the time of purchase.
Discounts at the upper end of the scale were eating into profit margins and beyond on some type of goods.(high-end products)
Salespeople, maintenance workers and clerks were not getting a fair shake.
New Employee Discount Program Instead of six tiers there are only three
Salespeople would be able to more conveniently make the sales transaction when an employee purchased their product.
Discounts are competitive with other retailers.
Low-profit margin items would be sold at realistic prices and high-profit margin items would have a shorter shelf life.
All employees of McGregor’s would have the opportunity to purchase items from the store at a more reasonable discount.
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