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Business Etiquette in Canada

Presentation of the correct business etiquette when visiting Canada

Jason van der Walt

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Business Etiquette in Canada

Introduction Business Etiquette Business Entertainment Entertainment
Gift Giving
Dining Etiqette
Business Dress and Meetings Review I am not late, I'm fasionable. You Invite, You Pay. The most common form of entertaining business guests is by taking them out to lunch but it is not uncommon to go out to dinner. Always bring Wine! Jason
Rebecca Preview Entertainment
Gift Giving
Dining Etiquette
Business Dress & Meetings Business Dress Male Attire Female Attire Clothing
Styles and Colors Conservative and traditional
Either black, navy or gray
Worn with a light blue or white shirt
Ties are mandatory, of traditional width Conservative suit or dress
Classic lines and cut
Colors could include black,
navy, gray, ivory and white. Trendy is almost considered inappropriate Conservative and traditional is appreciated Business Meetings Dining Etiquette Dining etiquette for utensils

Dining etiquette for using your hands

Dining etiquette for napkins

Dining etiquette for seating Dining etiquette for beginning to

Meals are typically
served in courses

Dining etiquette for discussing business Dining etiquette for Quebec

Dining etiquette in a restaurant

Dining etiquette for toasts

Dining etiquette for tipping Business gifts Gifts are not routinely given.
If you do give a gift when you arrive or when you are leaving, make it a modest one.
A lavish gift, though accepted, would be frowned upon Punctuality
and Courtesy Being on time is really important.
Canadians do not do much small talk. Interrupting is very rude.
Canadians place great importance in courtesy. Displays of Emotion Unlike in Turkey, Canadians do not display emotions in business.
Emotions are contained and meetings rarely if ever get confrontational. Being Prepared. In Canada it is important to being evidence to support your position.
Hunches and gut feelings are not enough unless supported with facts and figures. Gifts are given to celebrate finalizing a negotiation, a contract, or a project. Gifts for the office, a nice bottle of wine or liquor would be appropriate. If you are invited to a barbecue or a picnic .Just ask when invited if you should bring something. Bringing a six-pack Molson’s which is a canadian beer or a bottle of wine would be appropriate. Taking a business associate to a nice meal or an evening sporting event, play, or symphony is always a nice gesture.
Invitations to private homes are rare. Occasionally, in the western provinces, you may be invited to someone's home. If you are invited, you may take candy, flowers, or liquor to the host or hostess A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
(Albert Einstein)
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