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My Hero

The project of Nelson Mandela

Zac Czuhai

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of My Hero

My Hero Is Nelson Mandela Who is Nelson Mandela? He was the president of South Africa from 1994-1999
He was in prison for 27 years
Part of a group against South Africas all white government His Childhood Born in Mvezo
Father was chief of Mvezo
12 siblings
Father died of turberculosis
Born on July 18 1918

Fun Facts Nelsons original name was Rolihlahla
His teacher gave him his english name of Nelson
His father had 4 wives
Nelson had 3
He was the son of his fathers 3rd wife
His Charity It was an AIDS charity
Named 46664
Name was his prison number/the year
Was started in 2002
Oh and he looks like Morgan Freeman P.S. If your jealous of my prezi, it's okay, so is everybody else(except Ryan, his is pretty sweet). Achievments Won The Nobel Peace Prize in 1993
First Black President of South Africa
He helped open peoples eyes about racism
He went around the world fighting for peoples rights
Aparthied was eventually obolished with his help
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