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Holocaust iAdventure Final Project

No description

Amy Klempert

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Holocaust iAdventure Final Project

Holocaust iAdventure Final Project
Time Capsule Requirements
A written introduction to the time capsule.
A significant quote from the Holocaust research.
A letter written from the point of view of someone living during the Holocaust.
Three (3) to four (4) items that teach other students something significant about the Holocaust.
An object that represents the time period. (Examples could be a common household item, a picture, or clothing. Use your imagination.)
Your journal entries that were completed during the iAdventure.
Your completed research guides.
Anything else your creative mind thinks is appropriate.
Making the Time Capsules Real to Others!
Photos photos of time capsules, as well as photos of your presenting your project, may be posted on the class Wiki page. Time capsule projects will also be displayed in library for all students and staff members to view. Parents will be able to view the projects during parent/teacher conferences.
If I Could Put Time in a Bottle
To conclude the Holocaust iAdventure, you will create a time capsule project that will consist of various "artifacts" relevant to the Holocaust research completed during the unit. You will be required to give a formal presentation to display your final project.
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