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No description

Gacsal Viktor

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of CV

July 1999
Hungarian Commercial and Savings Bank ltd.
Januar 2001
Extended essay: Payment ways based on plastic
Final examination: Marketing, Management,Mechanical skills
Education 1992-1996
Gábor Áron Secondary Grammar School Karcag
Advanced English and Math Class
College of Mechanical and Automation
Mechanical Manager
Degree in Marketing

September 2001
(Hungarian Telecom NyRt.)
Information Directory
Data Planning Department
Data WareHouse Supporter
May 2002
Business Intelligence Directory
Market Research and Data Analyses Department
Data analyst
August 2005
Chief Strategy
Business Intelligence and Market Research department
Business intelligence manager
June 2008
Young Rubicam Brands
Database and Insights Manager
Viktor Gacsal
Place and date of birth: Karcag, 19. 09. 1977.
Home Address: 41, Doberdó street, 1037, Budapest,
Telephone: 06-70-455-0506
E-mail: vgacsal@gmail.com
Keeping part of developing and planning of the Integrated Customer Database
Data Planning and Modelling
Quantitative analyses
Making Presentation
Administration and support of the clients' databases
Data planning and support for on-line and off-line BTL campaigns
Campaigns Measuring and Analyses
Making Presentations
Web Analytics
Data warehouse and Data mart developing
Data planning
Methodically and ad-hoc reports
Quantitative analyses
Making Presentation
Mars, Unilever, Dell, Mazda
Oracle 10i, Sql/PlSql, Microsoft Access, MS Sql, MySql, Foxpro, PowerPlay, Cognos Impromptu
Warehouse Architecht, Microsoft Visio
Omniture, Sophus
Microsoft Office
-Insights of web and technology
-fluent English
-Driving Licence C category Working Places My Skills Working Experience
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