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KFC SWOT Analysis

No description

Brian Choi

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of KFC SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis of KFC Strengths
KFC is an internationally acclaimed franchise being second in fast food only to McDonald's
Is environmentally concerned, appealing to aware customers
Owns a secret recipe that only they can create and use.
Profits annually are constantly increasing, one billion more in profit each year Weaknesses
Does not try and improve their menu or try to develop any further than they already are
Prices can be more extravagant than some people can afford
Growth of KFC is not proceeding at an exponential rate Opportunities
More services are available such as delivery increase the amount of consumers
Creating stations for children to play, luring families to eat at KFC
Chicken is a more reliable meat to eat rather than beef or pork Threats
Cheaper and more convenient deals are made by different fast-food restaurants
Consumers want healthier food choices than fried chicken
KFC is completely revolved around their single product of fried chicken
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