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382-Globalization and Governance

No description

Shannon Gibson

on 31 January 2018

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Transcript of 382-Globalization and Governance

Globalization and Governance:
Is the state becoming obsolete?
Shannon Gibson, PhD
University of Southern California
Defining Statism
macro-level limited
local governments lack autonomy
relations are inter-state
Obsolescence of Statism
History of Statism
1648 - Peace of Westphalia
Components: supreme, comprehensive, unqualified, exclusive
Scholte's "globalization" definition: “large scale transplanetary connections and the pronounced growth of supraterritorial relations have made the unilateral state control of territorial jurisdictions impossible in many important fields of policy”
"beyond sovereingty" or "twilight of sovereignty"
"partial" or "shrunken sovereignty"
"pooled" or "shared sovereignty"
"enlightened sovereignty"
New Visions of Sovereignty
Rise of Global Constituencies
The 'Reconstructed' State
Effect on Social Welfare Provision
Altered Warfare
Multiscalar & Privatized Governance
Private regulation to fill gaps
Privatization via neoliberalism
"End of the Nation-State?" by Michael Mann
Tests 4 Hypotheses & 2 Counter-theses
Capitalism undermining state?
New risks?
Civil Society?
The State Still Viable?
The "Posts" and the State
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