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Summer Bucket List!

All the this I will do this Summer!

Martha Wyzanowski

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Summer Bucket List!

This clever twist on a classic is pretty self-explanatory: Have everyone don bathing suits and play tag. Whoever is "It" gets the water gun and tries to tag the other players with a cold squirt!
Try at least five new
Floridian foods!
Stop caring so much of what others think of you- it's YOU that matters.
Stay up for twenty-four hours
My Summer Bucket List!
All the weird but cool things I want to do before Summer ends...
Water Things
You, me, a hose, and a million buckets of freezing water!
Water Fight
Water-Gun Tag
Foods Galore!

Lose It
Have Fun, Go Crazy!
This is a fun way to cool
off from the Summer heat.
This can also include water balloons,
Normal Balloons with water. [Leaves
BADDD bruises!]

Sponge Bombs
How to Make Sponge Bombs for the Kids
What you’ll need:
Sponges (as many four-packs as you want, each four-pack will make TWO bombs)
zip ties
nail clippers
Cut each sponge length-wise in half at first, to make each of the cuts even.

Then trim each half in half once more, making four equal long pieces per sponge. Continue until the entire package is cut up. You will make sixteen pieces per package.

Take two per color (if you want a multi-colored bomb, like we did), hold them together, making sure they are even, and cinch your hand around the middle. You need eight pieces for each bomb.

Taking a zip-tie, fasten them together in the middle. You want them to be as even on both sides as possible (or maybe it’s the perfectionist in me).

Tighten the zip-tie as tight as possible by using the pliers to grip, and pull until you can’t click anymore. Carefully snip as close to the lock as possible with scissors, being careful not to cut the sponges.

You will be left with a little sharp tab that you will need to use nail clippers to trim off. (Have them handy for later, too, in case there are still sharp edges. We did our best but had to trim again.)

Fluff it a little, and WA-LA! Your first sponge bomb is done!

Once you’ve cut, sorted, tied, clamped and trimmed each bomb, get ‘em wet and hand them to the kids, you are ready to play!
This are small sponges that you create into a
fun, compacted, and easily release water, so you don't have to throw very hard!
New Experiences

Don't complain for one whole day, be happy most kids don't have a house, never the less, go to Florida!
Say "Yes" for one whole day!
Go to a park with Madison!
Watch fireworks with Madison!
Get a make over by Ashlee Ann!
Have More Fun!
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