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Welcome to K-Popular!

No description

K-Popular at Berkeley

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to K-Popular!

Ice Breaker!
Welcome to K-Popular!
What do you think?
Sexy Concepts!
Ending Game!
Cal's Generation! K-Popular's own rookie dance group!
Intern Apps! If you're interested in getting experience with planning and student organizations! Come see us!
KP Gif/Meme of the week!
Debut: Girls Girls Girls
Mini Album: Got It!
JJ Project
Dramas: Dream High, When a Man Falls in Love
Variety: MTV, Romantic and the Idol, Who is Next: WIN, After School Club
Leader, Lead Vocalist & Rapper
Main Rapper & Vocalist
Lead Vocalist & Rapper
Lead Rapper & Vocalist
Main Vocalist
Lead Rapper & Vocalist
Vocalist & Maknae
Member of the national team for fencing in Hong Kong (sabre)
1st Place in Asia Junior and Cadet Fencing Championship (2011)

Welcome to
The 1st GM!

Telephone Charades
How to play:
Line up facing the back wall
Person in the back will turn around to receive a title of a song
That person must convey the title of the song to the next person
That person then conveys it to the next person and that person to the next until it gets to the front of the line
The person in the front must guess the song to get the point(s) for the team
No talking
Only the person receiving the message may look at the front
3 Chances to guess
2 Lower Difficulty
2 Skips
Easy (green) = 1 point
Medium (blue)= 2 points
Hard (red)= 3 points
KPG! (At the end of the meeting)
Gain - Fxxk U
Release Date: Jan 27th, 2014
Album: Truth or Dare

This album was banned from broadcast on
SBS because the title of the song was deemed
AOA - Miniskirt
Release Date: Jan 15th, 2014
Album: Miniskirt

Changed the choreography for the dance
after only one week of promotions.
B1A4 - Lonely
Release Date: Jan 13th, 2014
Album: Who Am I

To further promote this album, B1A4
announced a "hometown" tour where they
will perform at their hometowns.
TVXQ - Something
Release Date: Jan 1th, 2014
Album: Tense

Girl's Day also released a song with the same
name three days after TVXQ. Neither group
knew about it and were surprised by the
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