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Philips HC Facebook Proposal

Proposal to create Philips Healthcare B2C Facebook page

Sarah Haberman

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Philips HC Facebook Proposal

Philips Healthcare Facebook Page
Drive awareness and sense of community around Philips Healthcare Brand
Promote direct communication with Philips Healthcare consumers
Keep audience up-to-date on events and news that matters to them
Demonstrate Thought Leadership
Drive traffic to Healthcare.philips.com destinations

Intended Audience
Consumers of Philips Healthcare products
Potential consumers of Philips Healthcare products
Healthcare Professionals
Philips Employees

Content Types
Content Sources
Primary Sources (consumer-focused healthcare products and experience):
Mother and Child Care
General Care/ Nursing
Ambient Experience
Philips Healthcare Sector News
Secondary Sources:
Affiliates, partnerships, agreements
example- Cleveland Clinic
External Healthcare, Health and Wellbeing resources
Royal Philips content from their Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
Intended Audience
Content Sources
Content Types
Content Management
Best Practices
Response Process
Promotion of Facebook Page

Philips Healthcare Facebook Page
Response Process
Promotion of Facebook Page
YouTube page cross-pollination

External Content
Cross Posting
Basic Posts
Philips Page
Press Releases
News Articles

Just For Fun
Healthcare Industry Online Publications
Government Health Organization
Tier 1 Media
Audience Questions
PR Managers invoke proper escalation process and ensure customer feedback process is also observed per compliance requirements
Kathy O'Reilly- PCCI
Leslie Lakis- IS
Alicia Cafardi- HHS
Regulatory, Legal and Privacy team members involved as needed and are regularly updated on page status and consulted re: changes
Rita Warfield- Regulatory Counsel
Louanne Kinney- Director, Clnl Afr & Rglt Prac
Lisa Benati- Director of Regulatory Communication & Compliance
Mario Fante- Sr. Mgr., Public Relations, Finance, Legal and Regulatory and Privacy Communications
Social Media Managers
BG PR Managers-HHS, IS, PCCI
MarCom Manager
Digital Manager
Field Marketing Manager in some cases
ALL Must go through SM manager for quick check

Post on ConnectUs
Encourage Likes
Encourage suggestions for content
Share on PCast System
Update intranet as appropriate
Get write up in HCTop5 and Digital Newsletter
Purchase Facebook banner advertisements
Post on LinkedIn Page
Encourage Likes
Encourage suggestions for content
Ask Philips Corp Facebook Page to post announcing Healthcare page
Update healthcare.philips.com "share this" bar and bottom nav links
Update Social Media listing page on healthcare.philips.com
tweet this
Get DDS to retweet us
Content Management
Philips HC Facebook Content Management Strategy

I. Responsibilities of page managers
a. Understand objectives
b. Understand brand, target audience, marketplace
i. Primarily B2C
ii. High level B2B
c. Create plan to include objectives, strategies, tactics
d. Measure progress
i. Set KPIs
1. Page likes
2. Comments per post
3. Likes per post
II. Editorial Calendar
a. Target publication Date
i. Content created at least week in advance
1. Leaves time for kinks to be ironed out, changes to be made, and potential new information to come out, content to be run by legal
2. Assumes there will be some “emergency” content/ spur of the moment content
b. Author
c. Status
d. Style and Tone
e. Legal
III. Content Creation
a. Who will create content:
i. Business Group Specific Content:
1. Leslie Lakis
2. Alicia Cafardi
3. Kathy O’Reilly
ii. General Content:
1. Mary-Jayne Trainor
b. What kind of content:
i. Relevant
ii. Standards-Based
iii. Engaging
iv. Accurate
v. Informative
vi. Timely
vii. 80-20 Ratio
1. 80% original content
2. 20% product focus
IV. Content Publishing
a. Mary-Jayne Trainor
i. Given completed content calendar at beginning of week to post accordingly
V. Monitoring
a. Daily
i. Mary-Jayne Trainor
1. Generic, non-product specific responses
ii. PR Managers
1. Technical Responses will have to go through the PR managers who can consult the product experts
b. Escalation Tree
i. Tree needs to be formalized before page launch so PR managers can identify/consult the subject matter expert on each product/topic that could potentially be posted on the page
ii. Customer feedback process needs to be followed in addition escalation tree per compliance guidance (training is available for PR managers and other page admins when hired)
c. Timeline
i. Responses should typically be within 24 hours, 48 on weekends
VI. Troubleshooting
a. Canned responses should be created and readily available for comments that will likely come up
i. NOT automated, just canned
b. If things get “dicey” request that the dialogue be handled offline
Best Practices
I. Tabs
a. Most other pages don't organize by business groups or products
i. Ex) Intel only has 1 product tab
ii. GE:

b. Tabs get more visibility than everything else
i. should connect to other social channels to give them the most visibility
c. Product + contact information is already going in about us section
i. Customers will likely visit the healthcare.philips.com website first
II. Frequency of Posts
a. According to Facebook, about once a day
i. Pay attention to Facebook insights to see if it should be less/more often
b. Responses more frequently
ii. According to Forrester, when you solve a customer problem, 81% will stay a customer and 63% will recommend you
III. What Makes a Good Post?
b. Have conversations with customers
a. According to Facebook, asking questions
i. Tells people their opinions matter
ii. Make sure to respond in the comments so people know we’re listening
b. According to Facebook, posts between 100-250 characters receive bout 60% more likes, comments and shares than longer posts
c. Facebook found that albums generate 180% more engagement than other types of posts, individual photos generate 120% more than other types of posts, and videos generate 100% more
d. Infographic:
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