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Utopia Project

No description

Nalleli Sanchez

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Utopia Project

This world is terrible and everybody is too busy worrying or fighting to even enjoy life! Why can't people just forget about there differences and ENJOY LIFE! The answer is simple...there way of thinking just doesn't allow them to!!!

Do you want to enjoy life and live in peace in a world where poverty, crime, and discrimination don't exist?

It is your lucky day because you are going to
unforgettable PARADISE!
Unity,diversity, and the pursuit of happiness!

1. We are united and together we make a difference.
-Everyone is united and all of us will make a difference together. No matter what others say or do we will stick together and all give our opinions for the difference we wish to see upon our society. No opinion shall be judged and everyone has the right to

2. Everyone has the right to attend a school of their choice without any discrimination towards the applier.
-Everyone who desires to continue to be successful has the right to attend the school of their choice without any questions that are based on their ethnicity or where they come from

- No one shall be discriminated in any way or form. If shown they shall receive a punishment; but, will not be brutally punished. This goes towards employment, events, schools (education), holidays, etc. No matter what legal status they form.

4. No crimes shall be committed:
- If a crime is committed, evidence will be needed in order to receive a harsh punishment depending on the crime. If no evidence is found they will be kept in a safe place until evidence is found that shows if they’re guilty or not.

1.Unity day-Everybody gets together because and celebrates god.
-Have the same god
-Religion is important
2.Meditation week- People meditate and connect with nature to be happy and not be stressed
3.Individuallity day- Everybody celebrates that they are all different and accepts themselves for who the are.
What makes our utopia stand out

No discrimination, crime, or poverty
- Everyone will accept themselves for whom they are
- It won’t be in a lousy, unfair, cruel world
-There will be true happiness
Do you have any questions ?
Pack your bag and get ready for the "unforgettable" adventure!!
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