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Chapter 7 - Chapter Task

To what extent does marketing affect consumer behaviour?

Khristine Bautista

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 7 - Chapter Task

Khristine Bautista
Grade 9 To what extent does marketing affect consumer behaviour? The product I have selected is Coca-Cola because it is the most frequently bought carbonated beverage. Because of this popularity, it is very likely that it impacts the quality of life of many individuals. As well, the Coca-Cola company is one of the biggest in the world. This means the availability of this product must be very high. The marketing techniques used by advertisers to sell the product include: Glittering Generalities because the pictures and words attached to the advertisement promise 'everything' but really, it doesn't provide anything. Does advertising this product affect consumers choices? Consumer decision making with this product affects quality of life in these ways... Coca-Cola is a very enormous company; this means that it is very influential on many consumers. By using marketing techniques, they are able to lure millions of people to purchase their products. In addition, the availability of the product is immensely high therefore, many consumers are keen to buy their goods. Knowing these facts, it impacts two factors of quality of life which include: Health and stress. It pressurizes the health of the consumer because if you drink excess servings of this product (contains high degree of sugar) you are prone to diabetes. Also, if you don't exercise, the sugar accumulated in your body, turns into fat which can lead to obesity. Though it may seem that caffeine is a good addition to the drink by keeping you more alert and increasing your energy level, it is actually the caffeine that keeps you hooked. This is why many companies try to insert this drug to get you to become addicted to their product. Too much caffeine causes great deal of stress, and if you are stressed, you are more likely to not be alert and it can decrease your energy level. If you think about it, the advantages of caffeine consumption backfires and becomes more disadvantageous. As consumers, we can take action to improve our quality of life by purchasing goods that we need and not want. By focusing on the needs, an individual can potentially live a life where there is very little consumerism.
Although many consumers receive satisfaction by acquiring their wants, their quality of life might be greatly dependent on consumerism. Bibliography http://offshewent.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/cokesummercan.jpg
Textbook - Issues for Canadians
Other pictures are provided by prezi. Scientific Appeal is being used because they developed a work-out calculator with a help of a doctor (Greg Whyte). Testimonials are being used because they are featuring several artists, celebrities or experts to speak about their product. How do you improve quality of life? Which product did you choose? Clearly because 1.7 billion are served daily, their advertising methods must be very efficient and effective. For consumers to be purchasing their goods, their advertisements must have some impact on their choices. If not, this might be due frequent consumption of their products that it caused addiction. Bandwagon Effect is used because it seems that everyone has or previously purchased their product. Plain Folks Appeal is used in these advertisements because it relates their product to experiences of people. Emotional Appeal is being used because it connects the consumer to their personal fears and desires.
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