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Chris McCandless' Geographical Journey

No description

Matthew Tapawan

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Chris McCandless' Geographical Journey

Chris McCandless' Geographical Journey
Detrital Wash - Lake Mead National Recreation Area
The Journey in Mexico
December 1990
Reaches Morelos Dam and Mexican Border.
He meets duck hunters who drive him to the Gulf Of California.
He finds a cave to stay in for 10 days to keep clear of dangerous winds and storms.
The Longest Stint and Niland, CA
Bullhead City, Arizona
The Final Destination
Fairbanks, AL
El Segundo, California
February 12 1968 - This is where Chris McCandless was born
His Birth Parents were Billie and Walt McCandless
The "Journey" Begins...
Atlanta, Georgia
May 1990
Graduates from Emory University.
Informs his parents that he will spend the summer traveling in his used car.
June 1990
Chris sends a copy of his transcript and a note; the last time anyone hears from Chris.
This point in the book is considered to be the "beggining" of his adventure, at this time he is still driving his used yellow Datsun.
The car was said to have a lot of mileage on it.
July 6, 1990
Chris' car gets caught in a flash flood and so he abandons it along with a few of his belongings.
He would eventually come back to his car to recollect some of his things at a later date.
From this point forward he is either walking or hitchhiking to get to the next location.
Abandoned car/First New Friends
Orick Beach, California/ Cut Bank, Montana
July/August, 1990
First People to meet Chris on his journey are Jan Burres and her boyfriend Bob.
They discovered Chris on the side of the road searching for edible berries along a highway
Chris Meets Wayne Westerburg for the first time, he gives Chris a ride.
Janurary 1991
Chris gets in his canoe and encounters a violent storm in which he almost drowns.
He leaves his canoe at El Golfo de Santa Clara.
He is caught by immigration at the U.S. border and goes to jail for one night.
Travels to Houston, TX for a brief stay then he goes back to the west.
Los Angeles/Grand Canyon/Las Vegas
Februrary 1991
Chris attempts to apply for a California ID, and even a job, however deserts the idea then continues to the Grand Canyon.
Meets Thomas and Karin and camps with them atr the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
Chris states that he lost nearly 25 pounds
He goes back to where he left his car and retrieved some of his things,buries his backpack, and heads to Las Vegas.
He stayed in Vegas from February to May of 1991,
October 1991
The longest Chris has ever stayed in one place during his jorney.
He met a man named Charlie who let him live in an RV for two months while he was working at McDonalds.
December 1991
Sends a postcard and a map to Jan Burres.
Coincidentally crosses Burres camp in Niland, CA
Niland, California
Ronald Franz and Wayne Westerburg
January/February 1992
Meets Ron Franz
Franz drops him off at San Diego where he send out postcards to Jan Burres and Ron Franz.
He asks Franz to pick him up from Coachella, CA and he drops him off at Grand Junction, Colorado.
San Diego, California
Carthage, South Dakota
April 15, 1992
Goes to work for Wayne Westerburg at a grain elevator
Spends about 2 weeks here until Wayne is arrested for "blackboxing". Chris then heads to Alaska for his final journey
This is Chris' last stop before traveling to his dream, Alaska
April 1992
Chris gets stuck at a Hot spring until he meets Gaylord Stuckey, who then takes Chris 500 miles to Whitehorse, Canada and eventually Fairbanks, AL
McCandless stopped at the University of Alaska to read some books about the region’s edible plants
Four miles west of town Chris pitched a tent, with fifty yards from his camp was the George parks highway that would take him to the Stampede Trail
The Stampede Trail
April/May 1992
a man named Jim Gallien picked up Chris and drove him west off the highway far as he could down an unplowed side road finally at the Stampede Trail.
Chris gets his first sight at Mt. McKinley, finds an old bus where Galien drops him off.
Chris traveled no farther west than the Toklat River which was less than 15 miles beyond the bus, when he turned around to go back to his base camp bus 142
July 1992
Tries to hike out westward but is stopped due to a massive river torrent which he cannot cross.
August 1992
Posted an S.O.S. note on the bus door, that he is nearby looking for berries.
Writes his final journal entry: "Beautiful blueberries."
Chris finally dies of starvation on August 18 in his sleeping bag in the bus.
People finds his body in the bus in September 1992
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