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Touching Spirit Bear


Natasha Mander

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Touching Spirit Bear

Touching Spirit Bear

Ben Mikaelsen
Cole Matthews: A Dynamic Character The first way that Cole changed: Cole's attitude toward others Example #1
At first Cole is rude to Edwin and Garvey he had no respect towards them.
'' What if i don't care about you and your dumb cat?"(11)
This example explains that he's being rude. He is showing no respect at the beginning of the novel.
Example #2
He didn't respect his parents and hated them
"'I never want to see your ugly faces again', Cole shouted at the lawyer and his parents after finding out he wouldn't be released"(9)
Example #1
When Cole was being respectful it was a really big deal for him because this was the first time he had ever shown kindness towards others
He is being really respectful and thankful to Garvey and Edwin for always helping him and standing by his side. (133)
Example #2
By the end of the novel he has more respect towards his mother
" Suddenly she reached out and huged Cole, clingging to him. He heard her sob. Cole felt emberressed, but did not push her away. Instead, he placed his hands on her shoulders untill she released him."(118)
Example #1
Cole blames everyone else for his mistakes and thinks that they are at fault.
" Cole figured he wouldn't be here if Peter Driscal had known how to fight back."(8)

Example #1
Cole wants to help Peter thinking that the mistake was his and he has learnt from it.
Tears blured Coles vision. "This isn't about me now," he insisted. "This is about Peter." His voice broke. "I screwed things up, and I'm sorry. I'm doing the very best I can out here on this Island."(207) change 1 change 2 Change 3 Example #1
At the beggining of this novel Cole couldn't control his anger, thinking that Peter got him into all this mess.
After school Cole cornered Peter in the parking lot. He let out all the anger, that was brewing him all day. He started punching Peter with his fists. When he thought that wasn't enough, Cole started smacking Peter's head against the sidewalk. (7) There were many ways that Cole has changed in the novel Touching Spirit Bear. This is a great novel about a boy named Cole who was in trouble with the law for more then half of his life, but he changed alot from the beginning to the end. He changed his attitude from the very beginning, accepting responsibilty for his mistakes and how he dealt with his anger. This was all because of going to the Island and the help from his friends, Garvey and Edwin. Cole has changed in many ways from hitting and picking on people to being a nice, polite and patient boy. The three ways that we talked about him changing were his attutide, his anger and the way he accepts responsibilty for his mistakes. At the beginning of the novel Cole had dealt with many consequences, but he didn't care and by the end they finially meant somthing. Example #1
At the end of the novel when Cole was getting beat up by Peter he controlled his anger because he thought he deserved it, after what he had done to him. When Peter started attacking Cole. Cole didn't hit him back. "Cole screamed sorry'', but didn't dare to hit him.Cole didn't let any anger get out of him. Well not now when he had the chance to prove that he is a better person now. Cole Peter Trust Honesty Forgivness Respect Made by: Tanvir Sidhu && Natasha Mander Thank you for listening to our prezi presentation. Introduction Conclusion The second way Cole changed: Accepting responsibility for his mistakes The third way Cole changed: Got better at controlling his anger
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