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The Gaming Subculture

No description

Kayla Love

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of The Gaming Subculture

The Gaming Subculture
Kayla Love
Will Witosky

What is Gaming and Gaming Subculture?
Gamers- People who are devoted to gaming as a hobby. Different from people who play games every once in a while.

Video Game Culture/Gaming Subculture- a form of new media culture that has been influenced by video games.

We can't know for sure how big the subculture is but we do know that with technology advancing, gaming has been on the rise. It is also a popular subculture all over the world.
Norms & Beliefs
Norms of Gamers:
The Gaming Tilt- When you start leaning and moving thinking it will help your character
Rage Quitting- Getting mad when you suck at a game so you stop playing. (Can include controllers being thrown, cursing, broken keyboards or controllers, and yelling)
Achievement Hunting- Trying to get every unlockable reward to boost your gamescore.
Inverse Therapy- Being that one person who has to invert their y-axis

Beliefs in Gaming:
(to win and get most out of the game)
Girls are terrible at games
If you're K/D ratio is negative then you obviously suck
Gamestop rips you off when you sell back games
Whoever you're texting can wait until after the match
Gamer Lingo 101
DLC- Downloadable content
Easter Eggs- Easter eggs are hidden features such as a new character or secret level
Glitching- Despite Most games have bugs that could lead to you glitching; getting stuck in a wall, for example
Clans- Groups of friends or strangers who come together to form a team
FPS- First Person Shooter
MMORPG- Or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
Camper- Someone who stands still and usually hides on the map instead of running around because they're afraid they'll die.
Kill Ratio/ KD — Most online shooters rank players according to their kill ratio. You’d be ranked higher for ending a game with 6 kills and 0 deaths than you would for 10 kills and 6 deaths. Kill(s) ÷ Death(s)
Lag- In online gaming lag can occur when you're internet connection is weak causing you're real life actions to take too long to happen on the screen. Also a very common excuse someone uses when they get killed.
LAN- Local Area Network
1337 (leet)-Elite
EXP- Experience points
Hacker- Someone that hacks a console, or game
Noob/Newb = a beginner at something.
NPC- Non-playable character
Gaming Symbols
Rituals and celebrations in the gaming world include mainly conventions. These happen all over the world and many travel around the U.S.
PAX East- Boston, MA
ConCarolina- Charlotte, NC
Gamex- Los Angelas, CA
Gam3rcon- Sandiego, CA
Gamescom- Cologne, Germany
PAX Prime, Seattle, WA
Gamers also tend to celebrate the anniversary of legendary games or games they enjoy.

Gamers and gaming can be found all over the world.
Through online gaming and game conventions you can meet and talk to people all over the world and make new friends. People who are relatively shy in real life can be very outgoing in the gaming world. But, if you get too addicted to gaming it can strain relationships with people you love.
If you are really dedicated to games, agencies can recruit for games where you endorse and test their games. Many gamers who put their videos on YouTube get paid to do so, some include: Machinima and RoosterTeeth.
Pop Culture vs Gaming Culture
Gaming culture doesn't differ from popular culture as much as it influences it. The number of people who game is growing larger every year and influences many fads. But gamers still are viewed as nerdy as opposed to people of "pop culture". Nowadays if you mention the name of a video game most people will know what you are talking about.
Preconceptions of Games and Gamers
Games are for kids:
68% of the current gamer population is above the age of 18: averaging about 30 years old.
Video games make you violent:
Youth violence is currently at a 40 year low, while video game sales are at an all-time high.
Only boys play video games:
As of 2010 the percentage of female gamers increased to 42.
Gaming is anti-social:
About 62% of gamers spend a fair amount of time playing with friends or family. Actually, 17% even play regularly with their spouses.
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