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Once upon a time, there was a khersi...

No description

Mehran Mirahmadi

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Once upon a time, there was a khersi...

Once upon a time... Someone special was born...right here : To be specific...here ! Someone unique, someone lovely, someone caring, someone worthy... Someone that people use to call
Mehran !

I call him Mehrani though !

There he is ! I met this special person...
ummm...1 year ago

and now, he has become my reason
to wake up each morning ! This khersi is the shine of my days...
This khersi is all I think of while sleeping With this special khersi, I experienced love, I learned about passion,a nd I discovered the power of hot chocolate ! Yummm His artistic spirit, his lovely words, his intelligence, his....his incredible personality..makes me.. Makes me super proud to be friend which such a great person ! Proud of being his mooshmooshi ! We argue, we get angry...
I might be mad at him sometimes...
He might be mad at me sometimes... But, what matters, is...

I LOVE him, with the whole of my heart,
with every single cell, with every single thought !

I'm happy, with him being happy.
I'm sad, when he is sad...and all of these new feelings, are sweet.
I've got someone to think of, I've got someone to love, I've got someone to care for his comfort

And I love everything about it.

My heart melts with his smiles; I'll do everything to make him smile ! I'm so much used to having him around, hugging him, kissing him, waiting for him, loving him....

Even thinking of replacing him with anyone else terrifies me :( I know that no one else would ever be called khersi from me...
And I won't be no one else's mooshi ! Anything happens later on...
I just wanna him to keep in mind that
I LOVE him, with all my heart ! I hope that everything would end up happily...
I want my khersi to be happy ! wherever, with whomever. I wanna make sure that my presence makes a difference in his life...
I wanna make sure that I light up his days, as much as he lights mine !

.... that something would be missing with him when I'm not around.
I wanna be a CHANGE in his life... I wanna him to be happy with his mooshmooshak, his Parisa !
I want him to know that I do as much as I can to make him happy :) Because he's the only khersi that I've got, and I care about. I hope I can celebrate his next birthday !
His birthday, is a special day to me ! My love is born, and without him, I would not be this much lucky ! Thanks for existing love !
Happy birthday, and be always happy !
Smile to warm up my heart.
Love you a ton sweetie My khersi is the best khersi in the whole world !
and I try to be the best mooshi !
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