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Emoji Project

with Lacey Butland

Clara Woodard

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Emoji Project

1.) What is our Artifact
Emoji Project
2.) What is the purpose of our artifact?
To show emotion and feeling through text insted of typing it in words.
3.) Who was the orginal inventor, and when was it invented
Shigetaka Kurita and the emoji was invented in 1998-1999
4.) How was it used when it was originally invented, and how is it used today?
5.) What are some innovations this artifact has undergone?
Color has been added, new emotions have been added, and there is a larger variety to choose from.
By: Clara Woodard and Lacey Butland
Blue A
6.) Which of these areas best classifies this artifact?
a. Information and Communication
7.) How has this product impacted society in a positive way?
People have been able to show emotion through pictures and text instead of hiding behind a screen.
8.) How has this product impacted society in a negative way?
People have been usng emojis way to much, and using emojis the wrong way or "inappropriately"
9.) Make a table on how your artifact involves stem

When the emoji was originally invented people used it as a way to show emotion and now they use them as a way to show emotion in picture form.
~ Brain understands
Brain understands the emojis quicker than someones brain understands this '; )
Emojis are formed by codes, the codes are connect to the picture, so when you click on the emoji instead of a code showing up, a picture shows up.
The emojis are on the phone and the phone is a type of technology.
~Revolution of Emojis
Emojis are a way of communicating. The engineering of emojis are the way they are put into the phone. The "updates" for your phone is a way of engineering. In updates they are "adding" new things to your phone like emojis.
The emoji was invented by Shingeta Kurita
Color was added
New emojis will be coming out?
More of a vareity was added to the emoji keyboard
The :) was invented
Resources (part 2)

October 2015
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