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Media References to Alcohol

No description

megan mayer

on 28 June 2015

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Transcript of Media References to Alcohol

to alcohol

concern for all of America. Approximately 75% of adolescents have tried alcohol by the time they finish high school. Adolescents who begin to drink at an earlier age are at higher risk for injury, illness, long-term alcohol abuse, or death related to alcohol use. A lot of this drinking is due to media referencing alcohol in movies and tv shows, and advertisements.
Alcohol use by adolescents is a

The media often makes it seem like alcohol will make you look "cool",
or that you will seem more mature. In reality, it will do just the opposite.
This ad makes
it seem like if
you drink Miller
Lite, you will
look more mature and manly. They
also put a small
warning at the
bottom. "live responsibly". However, you can really see it unless you look for it.
Companies are sometimes
required to put a "warning"
on the bottle, like "drink
responsibly", but this is
usually in small print at the
bottom of the ad.
This ad makes it
look like Bud Light
is necessary to have
a good time. It talks
about how "time
flies when you
are having Bud
Light". It doesn't
mention the
danger of alcohol.
Younger people
could easily view
this ad and want
to try some alcohol.
Promotion of alcohol is
especially dangerous to
children/teens. Today, the average age an American girl has her first drink is 13; for a boy, it's 11. This
is partially due to the media promoting alcohol.
Forty-seven percent of teens agreed that movies and TV shows make drugs/alcohol seem like an OK thing to do.
How do sports influence
teen alcohol consumption?
Bud Light, a beer company,
sponsors the NFL, so in many
of their games, Bud Light has
lots of ads. Many teens and
children are at these games,
and they have no choice but
to view the ads.
The media's false
advertising of
alcohol, in general,
has a very negative
effect on teens and
children. It makes
them more likely to
try drinking, if not
make them try it.
It makes it seem
okay to drink, and
makes drinking
seem harmless and
by: megan mayer
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