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Quiz Show

Consumer Quiz Show for High School Students Mountain Province

joel fagsao

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Quiz Show

Theme: Get Organized. Be Heard. Be Empowered.
Consumer Welfare Month Celebration 2012 Quiz Show
Quiz Mechanics
The answer is letter A
Questions will be flashed on screen.
10 Easy Questions
a. credit card
Choose the letter of the best answer.
Show your answer choice.
Easy, Moderate, Difficult, Tie Breaker
1. A plastic card used to purchase goods or services on credit is called a ______________________.
a. credit card
b. bank card
c. consumer card
10 Easy Questions
2. The picture tells a story. What is the story?
e. All of the above.
b) Be aware of processed food expiry dates.
c) Be conscious of
processed food ingredients.
a) Read product
Choose the best description.
3. Best description:
The correct
answer is letter A
4. You hear a news report on the radio that lead, a toxic material is used in the manufacture of toys. What would you do?
a. Gather more information about the connection of lead in the manufacture of toys.

b. Take action (gather the facts first) to inform the community through any means such as the PTA meeting in the elementary and preschool.
c. Come up with a group advocacy where you encourage creativity by having kids make their own toys from scratch.
d. All of the above.
d) all of the above
5. What is a price tag?
a. A price tag is a label attached to a commodity stating the price at which it is offered for sale.

b. A code attached to wine bottles.

c. A promotional message attached on a product.
The correct answer is
letter A.
6. When you enter a shop to buy kitchen appliances you have the right to _____________________________ the products.
a. smell
b. choose
c. inspect the products and report
defects to store owner
The best answer is letter B.
7. This agency monitors prices of fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh pork, fresh dairy
a. Department of Health

b. Department of Environment and Natural Resources

c. Department of Agriculture.
The correct answer is letter C
8. When prices of poultry, swine and cattle feeds go up with no reason, this agency will investigate. Which one?
a. Department of Trade and Industry

b. Department of Agriculture

c. Commission on Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority
The correct answer is letter B.
9. This mark is placed on imported products that have passed the quality and standards test of the Philippines.
a. ICC or Import Commodity Clearance
b. PS or Product Standards
c. Make or Break Clearance
The correct answer is letter A.
10. Drinking water from a spring does not make you a consumer.
a. The statement is true.

b. The statement is false.

c. The statement does not make sense.
The correct answer is letter
a. A vigilant and well informed consumer
b. A consumer in fighting form is the best consumer.
c. A consumer who hoards goods is the best consumer.
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