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Adobe Connect Training/Overview

No description

Ben Kuehl

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Adobe Connect Training/Overview

Adobe Connect Training Follow The Mouse
Meetings Overview
Meetings Tab:
Shared Meetings/User Meetings.
Shared Meetings are Public, User Meetings are specific to that User's Login.
Shows list of All Meetings created. Able to Edit Information, Set Permissions, Create New Meetings, New Folders, Delete/Move Meetings.

Do Not Edit Any Information or Set Any Permissions.

Meeting Information, Edit Information, Edit Participants, Invitations, Uploaded Content, Recordings, Reports.

Meeting Information
- Name, URL, Date/Time, Access, Audio Profile.
Edit Information
- Able to edit all information EXCEPT URL. Once URL is created it cannot be edited.
Edit Participants
- Add/Remove Users and Groups and set User Roles.
- Able to Create/Edit/Send Email Invitations. DO NOT USE
Uploaded Content
- Shows content available for this meeting. Do Not Use
- View/Edit/Delete recordings made in this meeting room.
- Able to View/Access/Delete reports for this meeting room. For example, polling questions and attendees.
Complete Overview
Tab List: Home, Content, Meetings, Event Management, Reports, Administration.

Home - Overview of Recent Meetings, Calendar showing upcoming meetings, Resources, links to websites with useful information.

Content - Shared Content, User Content, Forced Recordings. Do Not Use

Meetings - Shared Meetings, User Meetings. Always use Shared Meetings. Able to create/edit/move meetings, create folders.

Event Management - Shared Event, User Events, Event Administration, Event Catalog, Event Templates, Email Templates. Do Not Use.

Reports - Content, Course, Curriculum, Meeting, Learner, System Usage. Do Not Use.

Administration - Account, Users And Groups, Audio Providers,
Customization, Service Plan, Compliance and Control, Admin Dashboard. Only use Users and Groups.

Users&Groups - View all Users and Groups previously created. Able to create/edit/view users and groups. Able to create folders and filter through Users and Groups.
Host a Meeting
Open Internet Browser, Navigate to Meeting URL.
(F.E. b2bleadmachine.adobeconnect.com/ftmtraining)
Login using Email: ben@b2bleadmachine.com Password: shirleymae3891

Top Menu;
Meeting, Layouts, Pods, Audio, Audio Options, Video Options, Participant Options
Meeting Menu
- Manage Meeting Information and Access&Entry, Change Roles, Record Meeting, Enable Presenter Only Area, Change Preferences and Settings
Layout Menu
- Create New Layout, Choose Preexisting, Manage/Reset Layouts
- List of all Pod Options. Share(Screen, Document, Whiteboard), Notes(Discussion, Regular), Attendees, Video, Chat, File Share, Web Links, Polling Questions, Q&A.
Able to Create New Pods or Choose Previously Created.
- Start Meeting Audio, Set Preferences and Settings.
Audio Options
- Mute Speakers, Adjust Volume.
Video Options
- Start Webcam, Enable Webcam for Participants.
Participant Options
- Raise Hand, Agree, Disagree, Step Away, Speak Louder, Speak Softer, Speed Up, Slow Down, Laughter, Applause. (Participant Notifications for Host/Presenters.)
Administration Dashboard
Account, Users/Groups, Audio Providers, Customization, Service Plan, Compliance Control, and Administration Dashboard.

Only tabs in use are; Account and Users/Groups.
Do Not Use Any Other Tab

Account - Shows Account info, Disk Usage, Reports, Notifications, Session Settings, More Settings.
Do Not Edit Any Information

Users/Groups - Shows All Users and Groups previously created. Able to Create New Users and Groups, Manage/View Guests, Customize User Profile, Edit Login and Password Policies, Import, View Cost Centers.
Create a Meeting
Select 'New Meeting' from Meetings Tab.

Determine Meeting Name
, reference Client Company Names and Topic of Webinar or Client Call.
Determine URL
(Short Version of Meeting Name)
Summary, Date/Time, Duration, Template, and Language Do Not Matter.

**Access - **Only Registered Users May Enter Room**
**Audio Conference - 'Include This Audio Conference with this Meeting: Universal Voice 3732497' **
Next ->
Add/Remove Users and Groups from list of Availables. (Able to Add/Remove Users and Groups at Anytime)
Next ->
Invitations - Edit/Send Email Invitations to Participants. DO NOT USE.
**Select Do Not Send Email Invitations**
Finish ->
Adobe Connect Home Page
Meetings Tab
Administration Tab
Users&Groups Tab
Administration Dashboard
Admin -> Account
Meetings Tab
Meeting Information
Edit Information
Edit Participants
Meetings Tab
Administration Dashboard
Home Page
Create a Meeting - Information
Create a Meeting - Participants
Create a Meeting - Invitations
Host a Meeting
Meeting Menu
Layout Menu
Pods Menu
Audio/Video/Participant Options
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