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Cell Theory

No description

Bailey Lavender

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Cell Theory

Cell Theory
Cell theory start with invention of the microscope. That lead to a man named Anton van Leeuwenhoek decided to make his own. Once it was finished he started to look at everything. Leeuwenhoek would letter his findings to his colleague in England named Robert Hooke. He made the name cell. Fast forward to the 1800's were a scientist that loved to look at plants notice that every plant around him had cells. On other side of Germany another scientist that looked at animals notice that all animals had cells. Once that he had told that to the science community the other scientist found out and then the start on the last part of cell theory that all cells come from preexisting cells. So that's how cell theory was made.
Cells are important basic parts of biology.
Cell keep us alive they have are DNA that tells us apart. They make tissue that make organs and with out them we could live. Cells make us so then we need them.
This cell is making a new one by spliting in two
Part three
of cell theory
The last part states the obvious that cells are basic unit of live

This means that cells make organisms and that the reason we live.
Why is this important to know?
Well if we didn't know this about cells we couldn't be move on in science because cells are the basics. With out the basics we couldn't cure diseases or know how are bodies work. Its every important to know the cell theory to move on in science.
Part one
of cell theory.
Part one says that all living organism are made out of cells.

From insects to mammals to fish to reptiles to birds to fungi to bacteria all living things have cells.
Part two
of cell theory
Part two states that all cells come from preexisting cells.

This means that don't come from no where. One original cell will split in to two. Them two become four and so on.
How did it start
Why are cells important
In conclusion cell theory as three parts and is important to know to move on in

What do we need to know
We need to know some vocabulary words and what is theory.

A theory is a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something.

Cells are is smallest functional unit of an organism

Organisms are individual animal plant or single celled life form.

Preexist means exist from an earlier time than something.

Cell Theory
Cell theory is basic ideas of cells how we think they act where they are and what are used for though it is not in detail it still tells a lot about cells and we can make more ideas off of the cell theory. It is one most needed part of biology.
This a animal cell
This cat is an living organism so this means it has cells.
On the right is an cat cell
As you see this cell is splinting in to two
As you can see one cell makes tissues it
makes the heart makes and human also
cells make other organ systems to make
This an animal cell.
You see on the left a plant stem on the right is a stem cell.
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