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Hot Air Balloon Lab

No description

hannah carey

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Hot Air Balloon Lab

Hot Air Balloon Lab
tissue paper
glue stick
camping grill
meter stick
1) Construct scale model (for us, 1/8)
2) Select 21 pieces of tissue papers
3) Glue three pieces together creating 7 panels
4) Measure 20cm at the bottom, 215cm from top to bottom, and 50cm wide then repeat creating 7 gores.
5) Glue together gores on top middle and bottom the width of the glue stick
6) Test with blow drier and patch holes
7) Put balloon over stove for 2 minutes then release
Data Collection
Our question was how long do we think our hot air balloon will stay in the air. We were really off because we said our balloon will stay in the air for 4-7 minutes. Our balloon only stayed in the air for 48 seconds. Only a couple of balloons stayed in the air for at least a minute, none over 4 minutes. During launching, our balloon didn't rip or give us any complications. Our balloon went a distance of 100 ft and a maximum height of 50 ft. our balloon was the only one out of core 1&2 science classes that got stuck in the trees. For things that we could have done differently is make our balloon neater, even though most of our class said that our balloon had the best outcome. We learned that hot air rises and expands and cold air sinks and contracts. By doing this lab we saw how much wind and weather can effect something that needs to be done like launching our balloons. We hope that next year the eighth graders can make their balloon all the way to Rindge.
Question, Hypothesis & Variables
Question: How long will the hot air balloon made out of tissue paper stay floating in the air ?

Hypothesis: We think that the hot air balloon will stay in the air for around 4-7 minutes.

Variables: Independent the weather conditions and construction quality.
Dependent how well/long the balloon flies.
Constant materials and take off method.

BY: Hannah Carey likes , Ben Chesney & Dylan Wright
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