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Endangered Giant Pandas

No description

Lorna Bo

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Endangered Giant Pandas

Endangered Giant Pandas
By Lorna Bo
The ambassador for all endangered species. WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) even has a giant panda for their logo.
Aesthetically pleasing.
China's national treasure.
Helps preserve the other animals and habitat the panda lives in too.
Preserves bamboo by spreading seeds.
Right thing to do.

Around 1,600 in the wild.
By the end of 2006, a reported 180 pandas in captivity on mainland China and about 20 in other countries.
Why should we protect giant pandas? The 'For' Argument
Defenders of Wildlife: Unreliable & biased
China Daily: Quite reliable
Yahoo Answers: Not very reliable
WikiAnswers: Not very reliable
Wikipedia: Reliable
WWF: Unreliable & biased
BBC News: Reliable
A US 7th Grade school project: Unreliable
So, why is the giant panda endangered?
Two giant panda furs taken from illegal traders, Chongqing Science Museum
However... - The 'Against' Argument
Not all conservationists agree that we should conserve giant pandas as they take away more than they give to humans.
Economic - is it worth putting so much money into a species who may not be savable in the long term?
We've gone too far in saving the panda while other species are also on the brink of extinction, just because they don't look as distinctive as the panda.
They used to live near farmers, they probably flattened all their crops while searching for bamboo.
Other Conservation Efforts

They also made reserves where wildlife is protected by law. However, much of the panda's habitat has been outside the reserve system making it difficult to protect them. So by creating new reserves, the Chinese government can stem the most potent threats to the panda's survival.
Zoos - it costs zoos $2.6 million per year to care for Giant Pandas.
Thanks for watching!
Bamboo Loss
Bamboo - 95% of diet.
Mostly arrow and umbrella bamboo.
Mostly made of fiber, contains little nutrition, so must eat about 26-33 pounds per day.
Lives 12-20 years before flowering and dying; but all bamboo of the same species dies simultaneously.

Scientists are trying to find a way to make bamboo grow faster, possibly with fertilizer.
People are planting more bamboo for them to eat.
Arrow bamboo
Umbrella bamboo
A panda killed by poachers in Wolong gets its last rites from the reserve's staff
Loss of habitat
Confined to six mountain ranges in the south of China.
Habitat destroyed by farmers, development and forest clearing.
Affects the panda’s ability to find food as it is necessary for pandas to travel to a new location once the bamboo supply of an area is finished.

Logging ban in 1998.
Slow reproduction rate
Mate between 12 and 25 days each spring.
Females approachable for mating for 2-7 days.
Fertile for 24 - 36 hours.
Cubs - born blind and helpless & if there are twins, only one cub survives.

Connected panda areas.
Zoos try to encourage their pandas to mate.
Newborn baby pandas
Save the pandas!
Unexpected consequences & Affect on Local Societies
Tourism - will go down in China.
Farmers - pandas used to live near farmers, and if they increase, they will probably move back and destroy their crops in search of bamboo.
Increase of poachers - there will be less panda trackers, meaning poachers could take the increase of the population and the decrease of protection as an opportunity to start killing again.
"If we channel this much into just one species, then many others, which could be far better helped, many other not just species, but communities and ecosystems, could be better protected at the expense of one fluffy, cuddly bear." ~Chris Packham
Chris Packham
My Opinion
I think you should conserve the pandas because they are so symbolic. If they go extinct, WWF, the company representing all endangered species, will be seen as a failure and so the threats to other endangered species will increase, no longer intimidated by their restrictions. Even if it's expensive, how could we ever have hope for any of the others species if we can't save the one that we seem to love the most?
Additional steps not currently being taken
Change their eating habits.
Get male pandas to fight for their female in zoos.
Expensive coats and hats, mattresses and cloth.
Superstition and myths
Pandas were thought of as trophies
Pandas may also be caught in traps set for other wild animals.
Traditional Chinese medicines.
One piece of fur costs about $10 million.
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