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Water Pollution and Happening


JeongHo Ryu

on 26 July 2012

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Transcript of Water Pollution and Happening

Brainstorm Results Research Water Pollution
and Happening Notes Important
Researches (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr Water Pollution River In Busan BOD, COD Real Situation of Busan Rivers Nakdong, Suyeong,
Oncheon River Odor Temperature Dissolved Oxygen Drinage Fertilizer Factories Water Pollution DO, BOD, COD Water Pollution What is Water Pollution? Phenomenon that value of Rivers is decreased by People. Causes 1. Industrialization Factories, Farms etc 2. Human Population Explosion Pollutants Fertilizers, Metals, Acids, Heat, Bacteria etc. DO(Dissolved Oxygen) DO. The relative measure of the amount of oxygen that is dissolved or carried in a given medium. To measure DO.. DO KIT!!! BOD(Biochemical Oxygen Demand) The amount of oxygen needed for aerobic biological organisms living in a given medium. Formula : DO2-DO1 COD(Chemical Oxygen Demand) COD checks the amount of oxygen used my chemicals in order to disintegrate organic matter. ONLY ONE EXPERIMENT!! How to Measure Pollution Rates... pH, Temperature,
BOD, COD Etc.. Figure it out with checking DO twice. Experiment Lecture about
BOD, COD. Doing Experiment COD kit BOD kit Beakers Ph Meter

3 Water Sample Bottles 3 Kinds of Rivers 3 Thermometers Materials Nakdong, Oncheon and
Suyeong River Experiment Hypothesis Suyeong River will
be the Dirtiest River
among 3 Rivers BOD, COD
Pollution Rate Experiment Process-1 1. Prepare the Materials.

2. Pour 80ml of each rivers in 3 100ml Beackers.

3. Put the pH meter and check pH of Each rivers. Experiment Process-2 4. Put Each River in the COD tube and compare
and check the Colors. 5. Check DO1 with DO Kit. Experiment Process-3 5. Check DO2 5 days after experimenting DO1 6. Get BOD with Formula D01-DO2 pH Nakdong River 6.6
Oncheon River 6.3
Suyeong River 5.7 Temperature Nakdong River 24.2
Oncheon River 22.4
Suyeong River 24.2 DO1 Nakdong River 6.6
Oncheon River 6.3
Suyeong River 5.7 DO2 Nakdong River 4.7
Oncheon River 4.3
Suyeong River 0.5 BOD Nakdong River 2.1
Oncheon River 1.4
Suyeong River 4.6 COD Nakdong River 10
Oncheon River 18
Suyeong River N/A Suyeong River = The Dirtiest River What we Learned We could know about how serious the problem of Busan river is and how to find out about pollution rate of Rivers. What we want to know more We want to know how to measure heavy metal in River to know well about pollution rate of Rivers because it's the Hardest way to Measure the pollution rate. Thank you for your Attention!
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