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Iran and Israel

In this presentation

travis wilson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Iran and Israel

Firmly rooted in Judaism
No Full Constitution
Declaration of Independence
Claiming a Jewish State
"Status Quo" establishes rules between state and religion
Law allows for Freedom of Religion Constitution establishes Islam as official state Religion
Article 4: All laws and regulations must be based within Islamic Law
Constitution provides forChristians and Jews as "protected" minorities Israel

opposition Iran Government more open and accepting of religious minority movements
Constitution provides for freedom of worship and practice for all religions
Declaration of Independence calls for social and political equality regardless of individual's religious affiliation
Guarantees safety of Holy sites
Governement provides funding for both religious and secular schools. Including those which are Non-Jewish
Missionaries are allowed to travel and preach unrestricted
Non-Jewish allowed to enter and exit the country freely Non-Jewish experience prejudice housing
Jewish National Fund forbids leasing of land to Non-Jews
Secular and Non-Jewish schools claims lack of funding Intimidating atmosphere in Iran for "protected" religions Frequent imprisonment, harassment, intmidation, discrimination upon Non-Muslims within society and government
Discrimination of housing, employment, eduaction, sanctioned by government
Freedoms of Non-Muslims severely restricted
Muslims may not denounce faith, citizens may not change faith
Non-Muslims not allowed in government or military

Government sanctioned
Government statements
Education Gender segregation of Muslims and Non-Muslims alike
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