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HOLI 2014

No description

Sonia Kaur

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of HOLI 2014

Traditionally, women wore sarees for Holi.

How to Prepare...
Religious/Mythological Significance-
1. The story of Holika that was previously told.
2. Lord Krishna's prank of putting color on his friend, Goddess Radha which is now a tradition of friendship.
1. Birthday of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (A.D. 1486-1533).




3. Hiranyakashyap (a demon) wanted everybody in his kingdom to worship only him but to his great disappointment, his son, Prahlad became an ardent devotee of Lord Naarayana.
Hiaranyakashyap commanded his sister, Holika to enter a blazing fire with Prahlad in her lap.

Holika had this magical boon that she thought would save her from being burned in the fire; but it was ineffective.
And so Prahlad was saved due to his devotion to God.
2. Krishna applying color on Radha
Celebrating Holi Traditionally

Music- Sing and dance. Bollywood MUSIC
Play with colors- people throw colored powder and spray colored water on each other with pichkaris, or pour buckets on each other.
Throwing of the colors
Drinks- especially "Thandai" laced with "Bhang" is also an intrinsic part of the festival. "Bhang" helps to further enhance the spirit of the occasion, however caution should be taken while consuming it.
Cultural Significance-

Celebration of the POWER of TRUTH and victory of GOOD over EVIL
Social Significance
- UNITY and strengthens bonds
Biological Significance
Creates a joyful environment that creates the body's overall rejuvenations, which is very important due the the change from cold to heat in the atmosphere.
Puja- Performed day before Holi, it is very auspicious, especially for married women.
Bonfire- people start gathering wood for the bonfire days in advance to make sure there is a lot! This is to celebrate the victory of good over bad!
WHITE: White and light colors allow the vibrancy of Holi colors to reflect properly
SUNGLASSES: Protect your eyes!
Do not start throwing the powder until you hear the announcement.
The stage and food areas are powder free zones AKA "SAFE ZONES".
You must receive a ticket to obtain powder and food.
No water is allowed.
Food will be served first, then powder will be thrown.
Please be respectful of students that are walking by and do not want to get dirty.
Do not throw color in people's faces.
Presented by :
Indian Student Association
Social Media
Make sure to tag us in your pictures on Twitter and Instagram @ecu_isa and use #ECUHoli2015
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