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Monica Figueroa

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Thuringen

Double click anywhere & add an idea Thuringen Erfurt Gera Jena Harz mountains Thuringen forest Saale River Werra River Rhon mts eastern central east of Erfurt east of Erfurt 102,000 103,000 200,000 80 kilometers (50 mi) 37 kilometers (23 mi) Erfurt Napolean held meetings with princes. History benefited from its position on the trade route between Europe and the Silk Road St. Mary's Cathedral oldest and most important building in Erfurt houses "Glorosia", largest free-swinging medievil bell in the world Merchants' Bridge Kramerbrucke landmark of Erfurt initially made out of wood and then of stone in 1325 Where to eat Anger Maier oldest bars in Erfurt Paganini's Sicilian chef's pasta and gourmet pizza Things to do Theater Erfurt - shows ranging from opera, and ballet Hike in the forest - most accessible Facts Wealthy merchants funded the construction of 37 churches and
several monastaries. Martian Luther lived in one during his years as a monk. Gera Aerial bombing destroyed parts of city in 1945. in 1920 city became a part of Thuringen. (90 years) Orangery Art Gallery
houses around 400 paintings of Otto Dix semicircular building Gera Caves has been used as breweries since the 16th century 9 kilometers beneath town Market Square
lined with building of similar style
regarded as most attractive in city

Town Hall
16th century
highly ornate main entrance Places to Eat Waldgastatte Jagdhof Mexico Facts Max Frankel - executive editor of New York Times (1986-1994)

Otto Dix was born in Gera. (1891)
-famous painter Jena "Battle of Jena-Auerstaed't"
-Napolean defeated the Prussians
Optical Museum
-largest collection of spectacles
-houses optical intruments dating back
five centuries SHOTT Glass Museum established by Otto Schott in 1884 Jena's Cultural Arena festival
-two month summer festival
-plays, concerts film, entertainment for everyone pictorial and film productions lead you into the world of SCHOTT Botanic Garden 10,000 different plant species includes rare and endangered species Bike bike on the River Saale Cycle track 400 m high fossil cliffs Things to do associated with luminaries such as Schiller, Feuerback, Fichte and Hegel known for heat proof glass
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