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Elias Warshaw

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of King

The Story of the Civil Rights Movement
The Journey to Equality
The Journey to Equality
The story of the Civil Rights Movement
Dr. King,Along with other activists, fought for civil rights.
On June 8, the Georgia Board of Education says that all teachers who are supporting integration will be fired.
On August 28, Emmett Till was killed because he whistled at a white woman.
On December 1, Rosa Parks refused to give her bus seat up for a white man. This action goes on to be a famous part of the Civil Rights Movement.
1955-Important Events
On February 8, the Georgia state senate votes to pronounce the 14th and 15th amendments null and void.
On February 14, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is established.
On September 27, the Civil Rights Act of 1957 is signed by president Eisenhower.
1957- Important Events
Dr. King at a speech
During the Civil Rights Movement(1955-1968), African Americans started speaking about how they wanted more rights.
Most of the leaders took on a violent approach. But, some, like MLK thought love was better.
Today, African Americans have rights, as they were protesting for.
1960- Important Events
On February 17, the Alabama Grand Jury indicted MLK for tax evasion.
On March 7, Felton Turner is hanged and beaten.
On November 8, Kennedy beats Nixon in the 1960 election.
1963- Important Events
On January 18, George Wallace calls for segregation forever.
On June 11, JFK makes his famous speech about civil rights.
On November 22, President John F. Kennedy is assassinated.
On January 9, Julian Bond is accepted into the Georgia House of Representatives.
Thurgood Marshall becomes the first African American in the Supreme Court.
Death at an Early Age: The Destruction of the Hearts and Minds of Negro Children in the Boston Public Schools is published.
1967- Important Events
On February 8, the Orangeburg massacre occurs in South Carolina.
On April 4, MLK is shot and killed by James Earl Ray.
On May 12, the Poor People's Campaign marches in Washington.
1968- Important Events
Today, there are equal rights in america for all races.
Because of the sacrifices that the Civil Rights Activists gave, we live in a good, non segregated country.
All laws are friendly towards citizens from different cultures, races, and religions.
President Eisenhower
Felton Turner
Thurgood Marshall
James Earl Ray
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