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Desert food chain

No description

Michelle Lee

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Desert food chain

Desert Food Chain By; Michelle Ly Desert Food Chain Producer A primary consumer is what eats the producer, but it also has a predator which is the secondary consumer. Primary consumers are usually small animals, they don't eat much too. In this case the primary consumers in the desert are mainly insects, kangaroo rats, and camels surprisingly camels do not eat meat. Primary Consumer A secondary consumer is an animal that eats a primary consumer. Just like the primary consumer they also have a predator which is the tertiary consumer. In the desert the secondary consumers are tarantulas, and lizards, they eat the insects. Snakes also live in the desert, king cobras live in the desert and most importantly or most popularly the rattle snake. The rattle snake is named that because when a rattle snake feels that it is threatened, the end of the tail of the rattle snakes makes a rattling sound to its prey warning that it should back away or that it's too late and it might attack. Secondary Consumer A producer is the first step to a food chain. In this case a food chain in the desert are bushes and plants just like in general. The plants do not eat, they produce food for others. Primary consumers eat the producers. The producer produces food by using photosynthesis. But because the desert is a very dry place, there is very little water so not many plants grow sadly. A tertiary consumer is an animal that eats the secondary consumer. It is at the top of the pyramid which means that it does not have a predator. (If you do not count humans) They will die of either age or hunger. Tertiary consumers are carnivores that eat other carnivores. Tertiary consumers in the deserts are hawks and vultures. Vultures are a special type of bird because they eat the part of animal after another one has. For example if a lion is eating a deer and after the lion is full and has left they vulture will fly down and pick off the extra meet and leave the bones. Tertiary Consumer THANK
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