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mingo iefmi

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of AGNA

- What is true happiness?
- Importance of Agna
- Got Agna?
- There's an Agna for me!
Studying for Agna
Serving parents
- Willingness to Forgive
You need your basic necessities:
- Food, Shelter, Clothing e.t.c.
- Example of your brother; using
his apartment, share clothes, eat his food, basically live off him.
-would we still be happy..?
NOO!!! "Swabhavs" are still there

How to get Rid of our Swabhavs
Vachanamrut Gadh II-38
Maharaj Says: "When the Satpurush gives guidance on how to eradicate such swabhavs, if a person has total faith in those words; if he has deep affection for the Satpurush giving the guidance; and no matter how painful the Satpurush's words seem, if he accepts those words to be for his own benefit - then his innate natures will be eradicated. Except for this, there is no other method."
Importance of Agna
Why cant we follow them.
Man Nu Dharyu Mukhvu...
“To do as the Sadhu says is best. To
do as per one’s own wish is worse." - (Swamini Vaat 2. 57)
- Why do we do/follow agna?
Vachanamrut Gadh. III-25
“All spiritual endeavors related to God should all be performed without harboring desires for any other fruits; but one should certainly harbor the following desire; ‘May God become pleased with me through these endeavors.’ That desire should be kept. "
Serving with Agna!!
Jinabhai Darbar of Panchala
Jhinabhai had only one thought in mind: What can I do to please Maharaj? This is rajipo no vichar.
Prasang of Jeevuba Serving Akhandanand Swami
- "Our Motto - If we change our efforts from pleasing the world to Swamishri, then he will give us Akshardham in return.
Agna For Me!!
Studying for Agna
Prasang of the Youth & Swamishree
“First resolve in your mind that you want to study. And if you read with that attitude then you won’t have problems. But when you want to just roam around, then how can you remember!”
Serving Parents
Prasang of Mahendra & Swamishree
"No matter how your father behaves, it is your duty to serve him till he dies. Your father has raised you and cared for you, and now, despite his unfair behavior, you should still support him and care for him."
Helen Keller Says - “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”
- Agna means to fulfill the wishes of Maharaj and Swami

• Gunatitanand Swami has said, “To do as the Sadhu says is best. To do as per one’s own wish is worst.”

• While following agna we should only have one desire and that is to please Maharaj and Swami (Gadhada III-25)

• Agnas we can try to follow include (Studying, respect for our parents, Niyam Card)
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