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Frankenstein's Wall; Song: What's Out There

Ingrid Rodriguez

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein - He is the creator of The Monster after he discovers "the secret of life." He transforms from an innocent youth to a guilt ridden man.
"I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation."
The Monster - Frankenstein's creation and reason for his guilt. He kills the people closest to Frankenstein because of the remorse he feels towards him. He is calm in nature but is shunned because of his grotesque appearance.
Robert Walton - Finds Frankenstein in the snow from his chase after the Monster. The reader hears the majority of Frankenstein's story through him.
Robert Walton is in search of knowledge.In his search, he becomes stranded due to impassable ice and finds Victor Frankenstein. Frankenstein is weak, but recovers and tells Walton his story. The story of how his obsession led to him losing his family, friends, and his mind.
Walton's letters to his sister give a warm opening to the story
Rising Action
The encounter between Walter and Frankenstein serves as the first event in the rising action
The destruction of the second monster marks the climax of the novel.
This leads to the monster murdering Elisabeth and Victor's father. (Monster's revenge)
Falling Action
Victor chases after the monster and becomes ill.
Victor dies and the Monster's need for revenge is fulfilled.
The Ship
This is where Frankenstein tells his story to Walton. The reader is occasionally taken back to the ship and it dramatic effect to the story
Geneva (childhood)
Geneva is Frankenstein's "happy place." It reminds him of happier times when he was surrounded by all the people he loved dearly. It was the place where his "mother's tder caresses and [his] father's smile of benevolent pleasure...are [his] first recollections."
University of Ingolstadt
This is where Frankenstein aquires the knoweledge he has been seeking out for so long and the place where Frankenstein builds the Monster.
The Mountains
Where Victor meets his creation. The monster tells him about his life and how hard it has been for him to live as a reject. This is also where Victor says he will build his creation a companion.
The Island
This is where the female monster is created and destroyed by Victor. This is also where the Monster's need for revenge is sparked. "I will be with you on your wedding night" was the last thing the Monster said to Victor before leaving him.
Character vs. Character
There is constant war between Frankenstein and his monster.
Victor wants to destroy the monster and the monster seeks revenge on Victor by killing his loved ones.
"I swear by thee, O NIghts and the spirits that preside over thee, to persue the demon who caused this misery, until he shall perish in mortal conflict"
Character vs. Self
Victor struggles with himself throughout the novel. He believes its his fault that his loved ones are dead because he created the monster that murdered them. He is filled with regret and a new obsession is born - to kill the monster.
Character vs. Society
The monster struggles to fit into society. He has to hid from humans because they all fear him. His grotesque appearance makes him have to live as a reject. He feels its unfair that he has to "pitty man more than [man] pitties [him].
One that pervades the entire novel is the theme of
. This one is obvious as the Monster is a the center of the action. He is rejected by society because of his grotesque appearance. He is 8 feet tall and hideous. His monstrosity also extends to his unnatural creation. It can also be said that Victor Frankenstein himself is a monster. His obsession led him to create this monster and his obsession also alienated him from society. Eventually, he is consumed by an obsessive hatred towards his creation that leads to his death.

Another theme present is that of secrecy. Frankenstein keeps his obsession with knowledge, his monster, and his obsession with destroying it a secret. His secrecy consumes him, completely taking over his life. It is not until he tells Walton his secret that he can escape from the guilt and shame that is weighing him down.
Love is also a recurrent theme throughout the novel. It is found between Victor and Elizabeth. They grow up together, fall in love and eventually marry. It is found when the Monster asks Frankenstein to build him a companion equally as grotesque. Also, when the Monster murders Victor's family, it is because he knows that Victor loves tem and that is the easiest way to hurt him and let his presence be known.
Both characters have a need for revenge. It gives them purpose and it drives the plot.
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