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Brian Johnson: The breakfast Club

No description

Dalia Buzaglo

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Brian Johnson: The breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club
Brian Johnson:

By: Dalia Buzaglo
For: Mr. Newbury
Freud's Mapping of the
human psyche: Ego, Superego , Id
Ego: this is the rational and intelligent part of Brian, where his well know intelligence to other comes to effect. He is often the one to break up fights between the others in detention.

Superego: With the influence and guidance from Brian's parents his superego develops a fixated idea that he must be perfect in order to be accepted into society, but not just society he also has to accepted by his parents. Education is most important to his parents.

ID: Brian's id pushed him to the limit of being sane. Since he became depressed from all the pressure that he was under his id gave him the urge to go out and purchase a handgun in order to commit suicide. The reason why Brian is in detention is because of his id. It was the drive to kill himself and the desire to do well on a simple task.
The "Big Five" Personality Theory
Brian's locker where the handgun went off
Background Information
Brian Johnson is a 16 year old boy who come from an upper middle class background. He is seen as an intelligent and happy individual to others. Where in reality he isn't happy with his life. Brian is pressured by his parents to do well in school and in order to make them happy and proud. His parents always enforced on him that school should be his number one priority and that he should succeed in it. Brian was feeling extremely pressured by his parents and the fact that he was unsuccessful on getting an A for his wood shop project and he ended up getting and *F* and that resulted him in bring a hand gun to school and attempting to commit suicide.
Erickson's Psychosocial Development Theory
Brian is on the high scale of conscientiousness because he works hard to get good marks and is very attentive in school. He also takes school and following rules very seriously, which explains why he wrote the essay in detention as instructed by Mr Vernon, unlike the others who all just fooled around the whole time.

Brian is not very open on the openness scale because he tends to stick to one thing (school) and has low confidence so does not feel comfortable in new situations. However as the movie goes on and he becomes more comfortable with the others he begins to open up more, such as revealing secrets about contemplating suicide, an gains more self esteem.
Brian Johnson: "I don't understand what? You think I don't understand pressure, Claire? well fuck you! [Brian breaks down and begins to cry.] Know why I'm here today? Do you? I'm here because Mr. Ryan found a gun in my locker."
Brian Johnson: "I'm in the math club."
Claire Standish: "See, you're afraid that they won't take you, you don't belong so you just have to dump all over it.
John Bender: "Well, it wouldn't have anything to do with you activities people being assholes, now would it ?"
Clair Standish: "Well, you wouldn't know, you don't even know any of us."
John Bender: "Well, I don't know any lepers, but I'm not going to run out and join one of their fucking clubs."
Andrew Clark: " Hey. Lets watch the mouth, huh ?
Brian Johnson: "I'm in the physics club too"
John Bender:" Excuse me a sec, What are you babbling about?"

( The Breakfast Club)

Brian's Mom: " Now is the first time or last time you do this to me?"
Brian Johnson: "Last"
Brian's Mom: "Now get in there and use the time to your advantage."
Brian Johnson: " Mom, were not supposed to study, we just have to sit there and do nothing."
Brian"s Mom: " Well mister, you figure out a way to study."

( The Breakfast Club)
Personality Traits:
Well Spoken
Academically Involved

Freud's Defense Mechanisms
Freud's psycho-sexual development theory
The Latency Stage...
Brian's parents put an immense amount of pressure on him to focus on school and that he be abstained from forming strong social relationships and getting socially involved so his sexual urges were not projected in a bunch of different areas but rather in school. This left him with and inability to develop good communication skills and self confidence and so because of this he remains fixated on wanting to feel better about himself by trying to fit in.

This goes to show that Brian's parents only cared about Brian's school work rather than how he feels about it in all the inside
Freud's psycho-sexual development theory cont...
The Anal Stage...
Brian's parents were very strict and likely to put pressure on Brian in the anal stage he developed an anal retentive personality where he became orderly and obsessive with getting good grade as well as he became focused on details and held back from social situations because of this.
Brian is in the denial stage because he simply refuses to accept the he got an F on his shop project and that is unacceptable for him.He doesn't want to come to realization that he didn't succeed well in a project. This was his first time failing something

The "Big Five" Personality Theory Cont...
Brian is on the high scale of extroversion because he is fairly shy and self conscious and is not involved in the social scene so he tends to stick himself through self reflection and focusing on academics
Brian is high in the scale of neuroticism because he is fairly emotionally unstable as a result of the immense pressure put on him by his parents and also due to his low self esteem. This explains his thoughts of suicide since he does not feel good about himself and suffers emotional turmoil as a result. he doesn't deal well with the anxiety and stress he experiences from his parent's high expectations of him so attempted suicide as a result
The "Big Five" Personality Theory Cont...
Brian is high on the scale of agreeableness because he is kind and caring towards others. He is always looking to please and helping others around him.
When Brian was in the trust vs. mistrust stage he was unable to succeed in this because his parents were not nurturing. As a result of this lack of nurturing he is now insecure and has issues trusting others.

During Brian's industry vs. inferiority stage he realized his academic skills and abilities. Nevertheless, he still felt inferior to some of his peers in the social aspect, since he had not yet developed social skills and didn't have many friends or much social interaction

Brian is currently in the identity vs. role confusion stage. He is having trouble figuring out what he want to do with his life because he was not part of any stable social groups in high school. Due to his lack of social interaction Brian had trouble developing a true identity. Since having friends is a vital component in shaping your identity as a teenager

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