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Advancing the rights of people with disabilities - joint meeting of UNDP and European Foundation Centre (16 May 2014)

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Ewa Z

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Advancing the rights of people with disabilities - joint meeting of UNDP and European Foundation Centre (16 May 2014)

UNDP's experiences in advancing the rights of persons with disabilities in Europe
We will share examples from our work in:
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Putting our Success Stories on the Map
Main thematic issues
Inclusive education
Computer learning typhlocenter and media library for persons with visual impairments
Bosnia and Herzegovina has its own prezi:
Number of persons with disabilities =
2 788 226
of the population of Ukraine
Main problems:
Infrastructural accessibility
Informational accessibility
Labor and educational rights of persons with disabilities
Lack of government funding
inclusive education
social and physical rehabilitation
Mock apartment to develop and practice independent life skills among students with arrested development devoid of parental care
Model of social partnership to ensure access to education for persons with disabilities
Mobile Computer and Internet Learning Center
The project mobilized the community of persons with visual impairments and facilitated integration of 30 visually impaired persons into social and economic life of the town.
Every year the school empowers an average of 30 disadvantaged children with better level of social integration and prepares them for independent living.
250 students with special needs and disabilities enrolled in Taras Shevchenko Lugansk National University - first Ukrainian educational institution to establish Department of Rehabilitation of Students with various learning needs.
40 persons with mobility and visual impairments received computer literacy trainings
Regular trainings for librarians in the Lugansk region on the work with persons with disabilties
Mini-print shop for persons with physical and mental disabilities to create employment and socialization opportunities
500 note pads, 100 greeting cards and 50 drawing pads produced by 30 persons
Model and Methodology of Job Placement and Employment for Persons with Disabilities by State Employment Centres
- 83 centres adopted the model
Nearly 1 000 UAH collected by the shop in charitable donations
18 500 employers

received information and consultations on employment of persons with disabilities
Job Placement Rate in pilot centres increased by 9%
Nearly 3 000 persons with disabilities were employed
"See Kherson with eyes wide shut”
Sound device for safe pedestrian crossing for visually impaired installed near the school for blind children.
The journalist community raised awareness on issues of accessibility and universal design.
Monitoring the government program for creation of accessible environment in Lviv
We promoted adoption of legislation -
‘Guidelines for construction of buildings and facilities featuring accessibility elements for people with visual and hearing impairments’
and authored resolution by the Cabinet of Minister on
establishing special working environment for citizens with disabilities
Filling some of the gaps
Rule of law
1 in 10 persons

in Serbia

has some form of disability - that is
over 700 000 people.


of persons with disabilities have
access to employment

live in
, while

of the persons with disabilities have
elementary or no formal education.
Youth Employment and Migration Facility (2007 - 2011) assisted enterprises to employ vulnerable youth, including persons with disabilities, in 35 municipalities.
UNDP mainstreams the
of persons with disabilities in its
rule of law
rule of law
Main barriers of access to justice by persons with disabilities
on-the-job training
followed by
subsidized employment
monthly subsidy depending on the educational attainment of the person
grant for adaptation of company premises and adaptation of workstations
Youth Employment and Migration Facility
A company received for recruitment of a young person with disability:
175 young persons with disabilities took part in the initiative
97.6% of all youth remained in employment after the end of the project
Employment quota system introduced - almost 3700 persons with disabilities found jobs in 2010 (only 600 in 2009).
2013 Poll: - Persons with disabilities are the 3rd most discriminated group in Serbia, after women and the Roma.
Employees in State Bodies, think persons with mental disabilities top the list
We crowdsourced views to grasp access to justice by persons with disabilities:
Most court presidents would like to install ramps access ramps, but lack funding to do so. Inaccessibility of the interior is also a problem. Even where some solutions have been adapted, different types of disability are not taken into consideration.
38% of respondents recognized that people with disabilities cannot access justice in Serbia in the same way as the rest of the population.

could not
provide a
representative sample...
so we organized
focus groups with civil society
Main barriers
that affect access to justice:
physical inaccessibility
prejudice and negative stereotypes

by judges, prosecutors, lawyers, especially towards people with mental disabilities

Persons with disabilities often have lower socioeconomic status, which also hinders their access to legal aid.

not signed
Number of persons with disabilities =
520 000
of the Belarusian population
Discrimination & stigma:
about 70%
of parents would not want their kids to be in the same classroom with children with disabilities
Need to chart the way forward for social inclusion
UNDP Response
Advocacy directly with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Labor and Social Protection
National Consultations:
Focus group
with persons with disabilities
Follow-up on recommendations of
Universal Periodic Review
to sign
Support to
civil society

Sign with your heart!

Weeks of Accessibility

to be signed end of 2014 / early 2015
Social research originating in the
complexity theory
made possible by the proliferation of ICTs
everyday experiences of persons with disabilities
in such areas as: employment, health, education, accessibility
Opportunity for
citizen engagement
evidence-based policy
and programming
Reflects also perspectives of people without disabilities
official launch - May 2014
Analysis of
current trends and detection of signals of emergent trends
online: http://www.undp.by/2015

in Action
I have a friend, Irina, she has a disability. She has hands and legs, but she cannot walk without support. To grapple with her disease, she has to train fine motoric skills in her hands. To make it more exciting, she got into scrapbooking. First she just gave away her products as gifts, but with time she made quite a lot of them and decided to register herself as a handicraft entrepreneur. However, tax authorities told her that if she gets registered, she will lose all her benefits, such as discounts for medicines, which are very expensive. But then this registration does not make sense. So she cannot legalize her work and keeps giving away what she makes for free
Single story told
The National Strategy expires in 2014 and MOLESP has already initiated process for preparation of the new Strategy.
The first trail accessible for the persons with disabilities in the Tara National Park.
accessibility of protected areas
Accessibility of Protected Areas
The first trail accessible for persons with disabilities in Serbia
will be unveiled this summer in the heart of the Tara National Park.
400 meters long and 2 meters wide
2-5% gradient
3 entrances
equipped with tactile and educational boards in Braille
Tara National Park
Solid normative framework is in place
National Strategy
for Improving the Position of Persons with Disabilities (2006)
Law on Prevention of Discrimination
of persons with disabilities (2006)
UN CRPD ratified
in 2009

Anti-discrimination Law
Law on Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities
Huge implementation gaps remain
- expires in 2014 with few accomplishments
The Government initiated the process for preparation of the new Strategy, but
lacks momentum
Planning and construction by UNDP/GEF
National Park employees will be trained in the field of communication and nature interpretation for visitors with disabilities.
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