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What did Medieval Lords eat during the Medieval Age?

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Laurie Frasch

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of What did Medieval Lords eat during the Medieval Age?


Elliot, Lynne. Food and Feasts in the Middle Ages. New York N.Y. Crab Tree Publishing company, 2004.

Dawson, Imogen. Foods and Feasts in the Middle Ages. Great Britain: Wayland Publishers Ltd, 1994.


Prezi Pictures from Google
Medieval Lords ate well during the Medieval Ages. They got to eat a wide variety of food served to him by Serfs. Meal times were organized and served to guest in order of importance.

The hunting and preparation of food was done by all the castle servants who played an important role.

Hunting with birds
Lords also caught and hunted some of their own food. Nobles went hunting in large groups called hunting parties. They would catch large animals such as deer and wild boars. Serfs would also hunt and fish for their Lord in addition to the food they grew on the land.
Hunting party for food
Serfs serving the meal
Where and who sits with the Lord was very important and was based on the rank and importance of guests. The lord would sit at the high table which was on a raised platform on one end of the great hall. Knights would stand guard during meal times. Food was served in order of highest to lowest rank. Sometimes they would run out of food before everyone was fed.
Who ate with the lord?
A Medieval Garden
Example of Medieval Meal
Medieval Vegetables
During the medieval ages a Lord would eat well. He would feast on a diet of fresh vegetables like onions, garlic, cabbages and lettuce. He would eat meats like pork, fish and poultry. Herring, salmon, trout or cod was salted or dried where poultry, pork and sometimes beef would be made into stews. He would also drink wine, ale or water with his meals. Bread would be served with meals and most foods were eaten using their fingers because they did not in some cases have forks spoons or knives. Much of their food would be spiced with many different types of spices. Spice was not something peasants would have.

What did they eat?
The food would be made by a castle chef and brought to the lord by peasants who worked in the castle. Servants would then serve the lord. The lord would get poultry rom the poulters who sold and slaughtered live chickens, geese, and ducks. Fishmongers would sell fish such as cod, herring, trout, and bass. It would be cooked by a chef that worked in the castle kitchen with the help of many other servants. Once the meal was prepared it would be served to the lord by serfs.

Who made the food?
I believe that the Medieval Lords had a very different diet than we have today. I also believe that how the food was cooked, what types of food they would eat, who ate with the lord and how the food was caught and hunted was probably very different than how we live today.

What did Medieval Lords eat during the Medieval Age?
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