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06.01 Economic Relationships

Assessment - Mrs. Parker

Katherine Hostetler

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of 06.01 Economic Relationships

Economic Relationships

consumer spending
consumer saving
Goods and services
Goods and services
business revue
factors of production
borrowing/stock issues
business cost
foreign lending and buying of stocks
foreign borrowing and selling of stocks
All 50 states in the United States have anti-litter laws. Littering can be punished with a fine more than 500$, community service, and in some cases, both. But to litter on a highway or national park could get you a 1000$ fine or even a year in prison.
Many people in the community help clean the environment. I used to be a club called builders club. We adopted a road, and every Friday we would pick up the trash.Many highways and roads are "adopted" to be cleaned by churches, school clubs, and families.
Businesses, to clean up their buildings, usually hire custodians. Litter inside a business can detract business. Messy buildings are very unattractive.
The majority of our litter can be found in the ocean. Many countries are trying to get rid of ocean litter not just to clean the world but also to accommodate tourists.

1. Take the issue you have chosen and explain how it affects your community.
The majority of the younger years in my life, I lived in small towns where the majority of roads were adopted. It was a very clean and welcoming town where most people knew each other. But then, when I turned fifteen, my family decided to move to a small city about thirty minutes away from the town I used to live in. I thought that the area would be pretty much the same, but everything about it was different. I just couldn't figure out what about it was different until one day when I was sixteen I was looking out the window and I saw a plastic ring around a dead birds throat. Pollution is a terrible problem in the area I live in. It detracts people from the area as well as it hurts our wildlife. We have many beautiful birds where I live, but they are dying because of our negligence to cut and throw away the plastic rings that are around soda cans when they're sold.
2. What do members of your family and community say about this issue?
When I was younger, I didn't understand that littering and pollution was a bad thing. I would hear my Mom complain constantly about how it ruins the world, but I didn't quite understand. She told me that I would know more when I was older, and know that I am older, I know much more about littering and pollution than before. I am strongly anti-litter now that I understand what it does to the environment. My Mom is the main reason why I am so anti-littering. Littering is one of her many pet-peeves.
3. How does this issue affect households and local residents?
A neighborhood, condominium, or apartment can lose value when the area around it isn't taken care of. And if littering gets to an extreme level, the water supply can be contaminated.
4. How does this issue affect local business?
A clean community tends to attract tourists. And when a community is attracting tourists, potential business customers are attracted. When an area is dirty, there are no tourists in the area spending money. Littering can devalue a business. If a business has trash all over it, it is assumed to not be as good of a business as a clean one.
5. How does this issue affect our government at the local, state, and national levels?
Littering fines are created on the local, state, and national levels. People can be fined because of the laws against littering. Local government may be affected when a town road such a Forest Hill Blvd. was littered. The state would be affected if a road such as I-95 were littered on. The national government would be affected if a nation park such as Yellowstone were to be littered.
6. How does this issue affect the rest of the world?
Littering is like a disease. It spreads. Its effect on the environment is pollution, and currently pollution is a global issue that talked a lot about. Since Florida is on the shore, we are affected a lot by water pollution. We have children swimming in the water at the beach and our beaches are a very important part of our economy. When people come to Florida, they usually go to either Disney world or the beach. Sometimes they even go to both.
7. How does the issue affect resources, goods, services, and finances?
The United States has a huge agricultural industry, but when we litter, we are polluting the ground where our food and exports are growing. When growing ground is contaminated, there results in a lack of edible foods. This can lead to the rise of the price for the foods that are still around. Also, if people become sick with the toxic food, people will need to stay home from work and be taken away from their responsibilities.
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