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Women Rights

No description

women rights

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Women Rights

Women Rights By: Efe, Melek
Chera, Haley Introduction What is "women rights?" Why is it bad? How can you stop it? QUIZ Gallery THANK YOU
FOR WATCHING!!!! Hi! We're Efe, Melek, Haley and Chera
and we're all from 6th grade. Lately in
our unit, we've been learning about
NGO's, or non-governmental organizations. Making women equal to men is to give
the girls and women freedom rights, and
to get treated fairly. Rights is when
people can do what they want to do and
they aren't treated like slaves doing
what others tell them to do. Years ago, women rights were very bad
and difficult everywhere. Girls weren't allowed to vote or to have a job or anything. They could only clean dishes or sew for their families. That was until 1920 when a whole lot of women protested against women rights. Now, women are allowed to vote to be president or to
be a banker or anything. That is in most countries... Some like Chad and Afghanistan,
women still don't have the rights. There isn't really a way to perfectly
stop it but we can raise awareness of women's rights everywhere. You can donate to other charities and organizations that will help women, such as building a safe house, to be free on the planet!!! Which 2 countries are where women
rights are needed? a. India and Indonesia
b. Chad and Afghanistan
c. China and Pakistan QUIZ Which sign means "WOMEN"? a. b. c. QUIZ What is a NGO? a. A "Non-Governmental Organization
b. A "Nerds Grow Oreos"
c. A "Needed Goods Organization A Story In Istanbul, Gokce, a 37-year-old mother of 2, has been on the run for 15 years from her husband. At a time, she and her husband divorce but he still wants to be with her. So, he began to track down Gokce. When her husband found her, he shot her in the leg 6 times when Gokce told him that she didn't want him back. Gokce said that he kidnapped her mother and stabbed her brother trying to force them into telling him where Gokce was. She kept on going to the police but they turned her down several times. Once, Gokce overheard a police officer advise the man to break both of her legs so she couldn't escape.
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