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The Scientific Method

No description

Kellie Sedunary

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of The Scientific Method

Hypothesis Safety / Hazards An educated guess Identify any
possible hazards Ask a question Aim What do you want to find out
in the experiment? What do you want
to know? What do you think will happen? What will you find out? DO A SOME RESEARCH Equipment A detailed list of everything
you will use Sizes of equipment Volumes of chemicals What PPE do
you wear? What can you do to
avoid an accident? Method Detailed steps of
what to do Like the method
in a recipe Include quantities
& diagrams Instructions Repetition The Scientific Method Results List of measurements collected Observations Record in a table Graphs to display trends/patterns Discussion Any problems? How did you solve them? What did the results show? Patterns / trends in results Can you improve the experiment? What does the research say? Conclusion A short summary of results Must relate to the aim
of the experiment Ends the report
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