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Reporting for the week of 18th to 24th of April

Laura Wong

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of NewsHub

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Financial theory NEWS HUB WELCOME TO Indexes Commodities Oil up 1.6% to $85.12 / barrel Natural gas up 6.5%,to $4.26 / MMbtu
Gold up 3% to $1154 /ounce
Bigger picture IMF Outlook 2010 growth projections up to 4.1%
China 10%, US 3.1%, EU 1%
Sovereign debt level to reach 112.5% of GDP
Unemployment Initial claims for jobless benefits fell by 24,000 to 456,000
Easter holiday

2010 Census

Mortgages and MBS Commercial mortgage delinquencies increased to 11%
Inflation Inflation of 2.1% in March

Deflation same time last year

Inflation may serve as a trigger for interest rates
Earnings eBay : 11% income, 9% revenue Amazon : 68% profit
Qualcomm Inc.: 9% revenue
Microsoft : 43% profit
IBM: 13% Profit
Apple: 48.7% revenue. 71.5% profit
AT&T: 21% profit
Earnings Verizon: 29% profit
Nokia: a weaker-than-expected quarter profit
Union pacific Corp: 43% profit

Times. Co : net income
Earnings More Earnings Hasbro Inc. tripled in earning

Coach: 37% profit

Starbucks: 7% same-store sales

McDonald: 11% income
Morgan Stanley: Triple to $9.08 billion revenue

Goldman Sachs: 91% profit
Corporate News Moody cuts Toyota credit rating
Calpine Corp. acquire 18 power plants from Pepco Holdings with $1.65 billion
ConocoPhillips end its oil refinery project in Saudi Arabia
Corporate News-Private Equity Blackrock tries to buy back a piece of Extended Stay Inc

Blackstone Group LP reported solid first-quarter earnings

Corporate News United Airlines
US Airways Group
Continental Airlines
Job in China Job producing weakening
1% increase rate only
Housing Market in China Property Bubbles
11.7% rise in urban home prices
Controlling Measures Stem speculative investments

Tougher down-payment requirements

Tighten pre-sale process

Asian Market What is new in China Yuan Against USD China’s Trade Deficit Residential mortgage delinquencies declined 8.6% in March
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