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The Israelites

No description

Rowena Bienvenu

on 14 November 2017

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Transcript of The Israelites

Their Journey
The Israelites
Return to Judah
From Sumer to Canaan
From Famine to Slavery
Home Again
The Synagogue:
The Exile
(The Promised Land)
prophet - a messenger sent by God to share God's word with the people
monotheism - the belief in one God
tribe - a social group made up of families or clans
Exodus - the departure of the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt
covenant - an agreement with God
Torah - teachings that Moses received from God;
later became the first part of the Hebrew Bible
Return to the Promised Land
Capturing Jericho
The Phoenicians were called the “purple people” by the Greeks because of their purple dye.
Skilled sailors and traders
Skilled shipbuilders
Created the first alphabet
Known as the “Sea People”
Fierce warriors
Invaded the Mediterranean region
Skilled at making iron tools and weapons
Built walled cities
The Philistines
Leader of the Israelites after Moses
Led the Israelites back to Canaan
Conquered Jericho and other cities to claim Canaan for the Israelites
The Tabernacle
The Phoenicians
An Israelite Home
psalm - a sacred song or poem
used in worship
proverb - a wise saying
exile - a forced
absence from one's
home or country
a Jewish house of worship
Where Jews would meet to worship while in Babylon
a weekly day of worship and rest
lasts from sundown Friday to nightfall Saturday
a long document made from pieces
of parchment sewn together
Rebuilding Judah
The Hebrew Bible
the groups of Jews living outside of the Jewish homeland
Greek word meaning "scattered"
Caused Jewish ideas to spread
Jews continued to practice Judaism wherever they lived
Jewish scholars translated Hebrew Bible into Greek
commandments - rules that God wanted the Israelites to follow
Two Kingdoms
10 northern tribes
rebelled against government in Jerusalem
formed Israel
capital: Samaria
conquered by Assyrian Empire
2 southern tribes formed Judah
capital: Jerusalem
conquered by Chaldean Empire
exiled to Babylon for 70 years
Chaldeans destroy Jerusalem and the temple
Persians conquer Chaldean Empire
Persian king Cyrus allows Jews to return to Judah
some Jews remain in Babylon, many return to Judah, some move to other places
Rebuilt the temple in Jerusalem
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