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There should not be any religious based schools

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chloe gao

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of There should not be any religious based schools

THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY RELIGIOUS BASED SCHOOLS We, as humans always pick out or pick on people that are different than us. Over time we have realized that human equality is an important issue and we have done a lot to make most of our world a cooporative place but should we do more to establish a community where we can work, learn and play together regardless of race, gender or religion? HOW ARE RELIGIOUS SCHOOL DIFFERENT FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS? Religious schools provide a "special" curriculum for religious kids but whats really the difference? They have an extra subject where they learn more about their religion, but they can do that at church so, there's really no point they get a seperate school. IN THE REAL WORLD When kids are together with the same people who share the same beliefs as them they don't learn as much as kids in a mixed environment because they're in a school with the same type of people as them. Also they cannot possibly be in a catholic environment for all their lives. What happens when there isn't a catholic high school? University? They would have to learn how to adapt quickly and because the socially acceptable way to act in a public school is different from that in a public school. If they don't learn the socially acceptable way to act in a public school, it will lead to bullying. Therefore if everybody were to learn together, bullying would be reduced. Are catholic kids smarter?

Lot's of catholic families want their children to go to a catholic school because their provincial test results are higher. Experts think that when kids are learning with other kids who are alike them, they learn better, but our minds are all wired differently, so it really doesn't matter. Kids in catholic schools are not in any way smarter than public school kids, it's the way they've been taught, Perhaps the teachers are constantly drilling them with EQAO type questions. My friend goes to a catholic school and I called her to see what they learned and she said they mostly learned word problems and following instruction type questions. Sound familiar? Catholic schools teach that way to create a better outlook on their school to prevent the government closing their school down and gain admiration from other schools. Bringing the future together

IF everybody learned to accept one another there would be no wars, criminals, or poverty. Where do we start? Children. Kids are the future and we must teach them to accept on another and work with them regardless of color of skin, religion or clothes. We should create an environment for them to teach them that nobody is different from them. I'm strongly against catholic schools because they're seperating kids when they could be together.
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