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Trey Ackerman

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Tecnology

Curtis, Abraham. "Gifts That Keep on Giving." Ebsco Host. New Scientist, 1 Mar. 2015. Web. 8 May 2015
Presented by: Trey Ackerman
Technology helps different countries to fight off diseases.
It has found many cures to sicknesses or diseases
Technology has found many cures for different types of STD's
Technology is the major factor of finding and making cures
Its also found medicines to cancers , flues , and many diseases
Technology also has a major effect on your health.
It can find what type of medicines you may need.
It can also find out if something is abnormal or not right.
Technology can scan your body for any injuries
Technology has really improved peoples health
As technology improves so has are life expectancy
''There are many examples of science and technology's impact on fighting off popular diseases" said the gift that keeps giving.'' This quote is basically saying that technology is overcoming many diseases by developing cures of medicines. Its also showing how common technology is finding medicines.
Technology augments are lives in the areas of communication ,medicines /health , and education.
Background/ Introduction
Technology is the future! Why? Technology allows us to chat with are friends and find cures to deadly diseases and sicknesses. It also can tell us how healthy we are and allows us to access social media. Technology is a major key to teachers or educators because of how easy it is to access multiple things at once. It also does many more interesting things that help society.
Allows us to access social media and chat with friends
Technology allows are armed forces to communicate helping defend are country and attack others.
Technology communicates to the ambulance and police to respond to accidents or dangers.
It also allows us to facetime or skype family or friends that live far away.
''Teachers can now customize the work that fits he student, and it has led to major increases of students grades.'' The quote is explaining how teachers can make work to fit the student and the students understand it better. They also comprehend better when the work is customized.
When students use technology the teachers can set goals for the students to achieve.
Teachers can also check how much work students are doing so the students dont fall behind.
Students can give feedback to others work and get feedback on there own work to make improvements.
Its also a lot easier for teachers to grade your work which makes you get your feedback much quicker.
Counter argument and rebuttal
Technology can be complicated and some times wont load. Thats incorrect because technology may not load the fastest but it sill is a lot better than no technology. With technology it help everyone.
Technology is very important in today's world and can be very critical. Today people relie on technology to get stuff done; that is why technology is so important. Technology augments are lives in the areas of communication , medicines/ health, and education. Technology is the future!
Hal, Hudson. "Turn On, Tune In, Don't Drop out." New Scientist 225.3002 (2015): 18-19. Ebsco Host. Web. 6 May 2015
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