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Andrea David

on 25 March 2010

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Transcript of Student

Student Name
Born on April 3, 1995,
Student Name lived in her native country of Ecuador with her 2 grandparents, parents
and 3 sisters in the small town of Quito.
Being the baby of the whole
household, she was spoiled,
especially by her grandmother.
After living in Quito for 7 years,
Student moved into Chicago, IL.
Even though religion does not
really affect Student's life, she
looks forward to celebrating her
quinceanera, which, by the way,
will be held on her 15th birthday.
Personal Interets
student likes dancing, texting, shopping at Discovery, watching movies, hanging out with friends, little children, traveling, and animals.
Student loves watching George Lopez,
ICarly, and Big Time Rush. She also LOVES
Channing Tatum,Taylor Lautner,
and Jensen Ackles.
Student Name hopes to help around the house
by getting a job and paying for some bills on the house.
But for now, all she can do is
babysit, clean the kitchen, and clean her room.
Also, she has to make sure that she finishes
all her homwork.
Future Goals
In the future, Student :D really hopes to be a backstage dancer. She was influenced by how artistic and upbeat someof her favorite music
But before all of this can come true,
she plans to save a whole lot of
money by working as either a waitress
or a cashier.
Student also plans for a family
(specifically a husband and 2 kids,
named Nicky and Daniella.) and live in
the wonderful city of Paris.
Student enjoys listening to
music such as bachata, hip-hop,
and rap.
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