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Kaiju Biology

No description

Ashley Moore

on 3 May 2015

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Transcript of Kaiju Biology

Kaiju Anatomy

Kaiju do not abide by the laws of physics!
How reasonable are the physical forms of Kaiju and how can they exist on this planet the way we are told they can?


The Kaiju’s
density, mass
, and their implications

requirements needed to support Kaiju’s apparent capabilities
in the environmental conditions it must face

Studied in engineering and applied sciences at TU in Berlin
Mathematics is the language of his studies
Book says he helped write the code for Mark-1 Jaegers
Computer Science
Studied nature of the Breach (atomic)
Astrophysics (wormholes)

Jojo Coburn, Ash Moore (Kurama2212),
Erin Yang (Homuzu) and Veronica Groller
With Contributions by Keto-Enol and Computerbaby

Discussion (20 mins)
Understanding Kaiju Chemistry
Biotechnology and neuroscience
The brain is largely unknown
Has OCD and depression but co-piloted Brawler Yukon
Made one of the largest discoveries in Neuroscience with the creation of the
drift interface
the drift

animation by keto-enol

Milking Machine
- a device that extracts noxious chemicals from Kaiju glands
Probably extracts kaiju blue
Other things Newton has probably created or involved with:
Kaiju “DNA” processing technique:
, and
recognition of code
for a
completely different
structure of “DNA”
Can probably identify identical likeness but not "meaning"
Liquid to support living kaiju tissue - in depth knowledge

The Breach
Morris-Thorne Wormhole: exotic matter located at center of throat providing stability between two worlds
Breach is atomic and unstable:
probably due to the exotic matter sensitivity/interaction with normal matter

For more information on wormhole theories hit up tumblr user
The world of the Anteverse:
-Is the world we see the original?
-Heavy gas atmosphere or different gravity based on Gypsy Danger's fall through Breach
-Difficulty transitioning to the new conditions

Silicon carries inherent challenges:
-Bigger mass causes weaker bonding
-Clay theory of biogenesis
-Temperature resistance

Today's bipedal robot
According to PacRim wiki, there is a “blood mist” where the blood of the kaiju after they die turns to a vapor and kills the surrounding population via inhalation
The 5th kaiju Karloff is in the background and is the kaiju responsible for attacking the WA state and Canada area including Seattle
Works Cited:
Pacific Rim Wiki

Special Thanks to Keto-Enol and Computerbaby!
And to Shatterdome Seattle for having us!
The Anteverse

Behind the jobs of Newton, Hermann and Caitlin Lightcap

8700 tonnes
2630 tonnes
The Kaiju can be seen fighting and moving effectively under water.

Kaiju don't immediately float to the surface

This gives two points:
• a Kaiju’s average density is equal to or greater than that of water
• the Kaiju have a maximum size (volume) possible for a given mass and this can be estimated

The Kaiju as we have been
presented with would certainly be too big to support themselves on land.
due to
muscle mass increasing in cube with a singlefold increase in dimensions
stronger bones needed to support the muscle, adding additional mass

consider the following example

Kaiju as composed of cubes and rectangular boxes, with a large cube for the trunk. The bone supporting the volume of muscle extends as long as the length.

Support structures (such as bone) may double in length and width as a Kaiju doubles in size
total mass has increased by a factor of 8 (in the case of a cube)
even in rectangular boxes, the muscle to bone ratio increases dramatically as the dimensions are multiplied (2 x 2 x 4
versus 4 x 4 x 8)

while the bone doubles in length and width, the volume and mass it must support increases eightfold (2^3)
Kaiju Skeletal
To bear the weight of the body's mass and to direct and amplify movements, bones are put under intense stress. This includes:
Kaiju muscles need lots of surface area to stabilize around
would see much extending structures
muscle attachment scaffolding, such as the massive keel in birds
"S" shaped spinal column, to prevent compression and deformatioin
muscle braces to hold joints upright
Silicon based biochemistry
Why is there too much ammonia?
Phosphorous poop
Differences with carbon
Stability issues
Other silicon based life forms
pH Balancing
Ammonia substituting water
Acidic blood
How it's helpful
Advantage to glowing
To hold such great weights and withstand the force of active physical fighting, the bones must be incredibly strong.

At Kaiju size,
bone and muscle as found in carbon based vertebrates simply can't accomplish the task
of supporting the body
Extremely high pressures at ocean floor versus relatively low pressure at the surface.
Kaiju are fully functional at a wide range of pressures

-Newton mentions the atmosphere wasn’t condusive enough in the Triassic era
-Oxygen most likely not present in abundance on their planet
-Nitrogen levels stay same
-CO2 levels? Again, Oxygen
-Pressure? Radiation?

Kaiju as a GMO product
-"cellular memory"
-Hive mind selection
-Skin mites
suggests a specialized structural system to handle pressure and mobilize muscles against compression
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