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6th grade van gogh lesson

Any style of art in which the artist tries to communicate strong and emotional feelings.

emily sorenson

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of 6th grade van gogh lesson

Today's Lesson!
Subject Matter
We are going to create art using these terms
This is when a shape, line, or figure is repeated throughout the piece to create a balance.
is the main contents of your picture.
qualities can vary in width, length, gesture, color, direction,
is created through line gestures. This can also be called directional force
What is the subject matter of this famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh?
Overall goal
1. Create your own version of starry night using these 4 words and a pencil.

2. You can will create your own version using an outspace or water theme.

3. You will keep the tree shape, moon, and star shapes. (refer to examples for help)

4. Get my permission to go on to pastels, and start creating your final project.
Examples: UFO's or Fish for stars
Use a modern village or coral as the village
On a new paper, start sketching you idea out
Dont Forget! we will be putting these drawings on an 18x24 paper using oil pastels.

Using the same technique as Vangogh, and repeating our vocabulary words in the picture. I should see movement, subject matter, and repetition---- Try your best :)
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