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Chile During The Cold War

No description

Bradley Redfearn

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Chile During The Cold War

Coup D'etat (Sudden overthrow of a government) Economy Politics U.S. Involvement Overthrow the President Salvador Allende Gossens Eduardo Frei Allende's Impact Frei's Impact Labor Unions Promise for Equal
Working Class Communism Culture The Chilean's had a major change in culture with Eduardo Frei stepping in as President during the 1960's. Frei started labor unions in Chile that weren't satisfied with their wages. With Frei's failed attempt with labor unions, the Chilean youth grew cold towards the idea. after much thought the youth began to rally people and get them to rise up against the unjust wages. They brought in a Leftist view and got the labor unions to protest the government which caused the country to lean towards communism. In 1970 the socialist party won the election with Salvador Allende Gossens. He promised a more equal working class. This promise was simply a way to get elected in President Nixon's eyes so he told his advisers he wanted Allende out of power. When Frei was elected he made an attempt to industrialize Chile. This caused the labor unions to demand higher pay. the higher pay lead to higher prices and inflation. When Allende was elected into office inflation was quickly drying up the nation's economy. To stop inflation he froze prices and raised wages, which only raised inflation. President Nixon wanted Allende out of power so he talked to his advisers and they appointed Henry Kissinger to do all of the work on getting him out of power. Kissinger realized that it would take the Chilean army to rise against him and get him out of power. He sent the CIA to instigate a military coup. After three years of trying to stir up the minds of the Chileans the CIA finally got them to stand against Allende. In 1973 they said that his government went against the Chilean Constitution and the army stormed his palace. Allende was killed while armed.
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