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this is my science project

laurence marchionna

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of astrophysics

By Laurence Marchionna What if there was gravity in space? Would something else hold the planets up? Would the planets be falling? Would we keep falling for ever? Or would there be a bottom of the universe? Or is the bottom a black hole? If we hit the bottom of the universe would we explode? This is the sequence of a star Astrophysics Astrophysics is the
study of physics,
astrology and chemistry. Astrophysicists study black holes, stars and how they're formed . The word astrophysics comes from the Greek words; Astro, meaning star and physis, meaning nature. It is computer generated This video is what a star would look like getting sucked up by a black hole. This diagram shows the life span of a star. A massive star can live millions of years because they burn their fuel quicker which makes them hotter; whereas medium sized stars can last billions of years, and smaller stars can last for trillions of years. A black hole has an extremely strong gravitational pull that can tear apart stars easily if they go too close to the black hole. 1. What makes a black hole so deadly? Quiz Its gravitational pull. 2. How long is it until the sun becomes a red giant? Our sun is halfway through its main sequence and will become a red giant in 5 billion years. 5 billion years. 3.What is astrophysics? The study of physics, chemistry and astrology. You can view my website page if you click the link below.
http://grade6e.weebly.com/what-if-there-was-gravity-in-space.html Thank you for watching my presentation.
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