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Career Builder 1

Choreography 5th period Digital Citizenship

Melody Futch

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Builder 1

Career Builder Project 1

Melody Futch Job Responsibilities:
Education/Training Needed:
Training varies with the type of dance.
Many colleges and universities offer bachelor's or master's degrees in dance, typically through a fine arts program. What colleges offer this major?
Florida State University
Jacksonville University
Northwood University Florida and Texas Campuses
Salary Range for this Career:
The median annual salary for this career is $38,520 as of May 2008 Future of Career in 10 years:
In 10 years, this career will still be going strong and most likely stronger than it is now. Choreographers have many responsibilities to fill so many dancers become choreographers to fill those responsibilities. Demand for this Career in U.S.? World?
The demand for this career is very high, in the U.S. and around the world. Being a choereographer requires years of dancing experience. This career has tough competition because the demand for this career is high but there are not many jobs around.
What type of Computer Applications are used on a daily basis?

Technology used in this career is sound equipment. When choreographing many people have large sound boards. If you are choreographing somewhere other than a studio, they may use a boom box, or radio. (my competition team coach choreographs in her car sometimes.) Choreographers choreograph whenever they hear a song that could be good for the type of dance.
Who are the customers?
The customers of a choreographer are the dancers they teach. How does this business use B2B?
This career uses B2B because choreographers choreograph for theatre, and concerts. They also have to purchase costumes and shoes. What problems most likely need to be solved in this career?
Not enough dancers on the dance floor. Music doesn't have right timing. How is math used in this career?
Mathematical Problem solving
Geometry is the main type of math used in this career. The main part of Geometry used is shapes and putting steps into different shapes and figures. What type of verbal and written skills are important in working with teams?

Not so much written as verbal, but they definitly have to be able to work with a team and talk through problems and situations together Dealing with customers?
You have a lot of verbal comunications when dealing with customers. You have to be able to talk to the dancers and be able to walk them through the steps. create original dances that combine steps and movements. Other Facts:
Most dancers start dancing at young ages. (I started when I was 3)

Dance is strenuous. Dancers have one of the highest rates of nonfatal on-the-job injury.
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