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SuperCar Service Inc.

No description

Ralph Hutchison

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of SuperCar Service Inc.

SuperCar Performance Inc.
This is also a very simple field, as I am competing against the dealerships who sold said cars. My only task is to price my servicing and modifications lower than dealerships, yet prove that me and my crew have the knowledge and skill equal to that of the dealerships when dealing with these complex vehicles, (ex. Bugatti Veyron)
I think that the best way to gain all of this "confidential" knowledge is to start at the root of the source. To do this, I would lure shop workers away from their current company and bring them to me, as they have the knowledge and skills I need. Also, I would begin collecting in depth manuals to the cars I may be dealing with.
Plan (cont.)
I would, with investors money, build a high end facility, with state of the art equipment, tools, lifts, parts on hand, etc. The building would need to be flashy, as I need to prove to potential clients that I am on par with the dealerships, not some backyard greasemonkey playing with your new $300,000 car.
Plan (cont.)
I would begin seeking out sponsorship opportunities with performance companies, race teams, etc. The bigger we seem, the more trustworthy we seem. If owners of a Ferrari see my company logos all over while watching a "Le Mans" race on television, where Ferrari's and more are competing, the connection has already been made.
Obviously, lots of money would be coming in and out, and mostly out when you think of startup costs. But once this business is moving, it will be a major hit, and we will become a household name in the car and performance industry. Our investors will win big.
In conclusion, when you put all of the pieces of the puzzle together, this company will be a major success in all regards. Car owners will be kept happy, I will make money, my investors will make money, and this company will become a household, high end name in no time.
Owners of supercars, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW and others have complained for years that when their high end car needs servicing, things as simple as oil changes or tire rotations, they must transport their cars to the nearest dealership (which in most cases isn't very near) and pay crazy amounts of money, simply because "We are the only ones who can". Well this needs to change, and my business will provide just that.
Target Market
My target market is very simple; anyone who is fortunate enough to own one of these high end cars. A good one to have as well, as there is a great chance they have deep pockets when they want things done to their car, yet by coming in lower than the dealerships, I am doing them a favor, while doing myself and my investors a favor.
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