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Stepwise Innovation

Innovation model and tools: know your business model and integrate top tools for new product and services development.

Carles Malet

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Stepwise Innovation

STRATEGIC GOAL SETTING Enterprise Social Network
Yammer Creative Inventive Thinking Brainstorming/Mind Mapping Systematic Inventive Thinking. SCAMPER INSIGHT GATHERING Innovation Roadmap Technology Intel
Sp@cenet Consumer Intel
Etnography Market Intel
MINTEL http://worldwide.espacenet.com/ http://www.mintel.com/ Unlike traditional market researchers, who ask specific questions, anthropological researchers gather insights by visiting consumers in their homes or offices to observe and listen in a non directed way. The European Patent Office offers free access to more than 70 million documents worldwide. With a simple interface, browsing through patents to gather technical insights is now easier than ever. When it comes to global market intelligence data, MINTEL is the company of choice. Since 1972, it provides high quality market data in areas such as leisure, consumer goods,beauty, retail, financial services, sales promotion and social trends Discontinuity change: radical changes that seek replacement of existing parts of a system, or a system as a whole Continuity change: incremental changes that preserve existing systems The leading Enterprise Social Network. Allows you to post, share and track relevant content with your colleagues and build up an internal knowledge database https://www.yammer.com/ Brainstorming is (still) the most commonly used tool to address creative problem solving. Don't forget the basic rules:
1) Focus on quantity
2) Avoid criticism
3) Aim for the unusual
4) Combine and improve. Sorting of ideas can be done with free collaborative Mind Mapping software such as Mind42 SCAMPER is one of the simplest systematic inventive thinking techniques. Modify your product, process, system or business model with the following filters:
Put to other purposes

SCAMPER can be restricted to a CLOSED WORLD Strategic plannig: OGSM The Business Model Canvas Corporate Portfolio Management SWOT Analysis SELF ASSESSMENT The Growth-share matrix (1970, BCG) has been extensively used to sort the Products, Services and Business Units of the company, based on their cash usage and cash generation capacities. Stars generate high revenue, but also require strong financial support to keep its market share in a growing market. Eventually, if a Star keeps its performance, it will transform into a Cash Cow when the market enters into the consolidation phase. The Classical SWOT analysis is still the easiest way to pinpoint opportunities and identify threats based one our company competences and environment. A large list of free SWOT example analysis for companies with an aggregated value of 3.8 trillion $ is published at WIKISWOT (http://www.wikiswot.com/) Consolidated as market leaders in a non-growing market segment, Cash Cows generate returns in excess of the resources they consume. Cash Cows are the net generators of revenue for the company, that can be used to finance growing projects (Stars/Question Marks) Dogs neither consume, nor generate resources for the company in a significant manner. As any "lazy" company resource, they are candidates for divestment in order to reallocate resources into projects with higher potential. Like Stars, Question Marks dwell in a growing market. However, their low market share drains resources of the company with low returns. Eventually, Question marks have the potential to become Stars if they reclaim market share, but can also develop into Dogs if they don't reach a minimum market share before the market consolidates. 4 easy steps in concept writing When I use (product/service description) ....
Instead of (my competition) ....
Then I'll get (my unique benefits) ....
Because of (my reason why) .... Target group Project Objective POTENTIAL ESTIMATE Net sales: 5 M€
Margin contribution: incremental (65%) KEY INSIGTHS First portable document shredder that destroys documents "on the go". You don't need to wait until you get back to your office to guarantee confidentiality. Increase costumer trust by instantly getting rid of unwanted paper files that show up during negotiation. No other shredder at this convenience for a cost this low. Consulting services.
Sales forces. Limited diversification (see Ansoff's matrix): expand business outside the office environment. 2D models with Creo Sketch (free) 3D models with Google Sketchup (free) PROTOTYPING "One-Pager" Concept Draft Concept writing tips Sketching tools Concept selection
matrix IDEA OVERVIEW Concept description Increasing demand on costumer confidentiality Name:
Do I have a brand?
Is the name self-explanatory?
Why will costumers buy my product or service?
With who am I competing?
My Unique Benefits:
Do I sell functional or emotional benefits?
What is my UNIQUE selling proposition?
The Reason Why:
What makes my product unique?
Is it state of the art, or a ground-shaking product?
How long until it is copied?
How am I going to protect it? Ansoff's matrix A concept selection matrix allows a preliminary screening of feasibility and potential. Be aware that a final GO decision should be based on the complete business plan, with market research validation A classical tool to cross-check the objective of the new concept and its fit with the company's strategy New Product/Service Development SELF ASSESSMENT Deliverable:
GATHERING Deliverable:
One Pager Concept Draft Deliverable:
OGSM Deliverable:
innovation Road Map The Closed World, or "Thinking Inside the Box" condition is used in some Systematic Inventive Thing Techniques such as SIT (an evolution of TRIZ). The condition stipulates that in the development of a new product we can only use already existing elements in the product or in its immediate environment. This condition forces to use only resources already at disposal, rather than investing in new external resources. It forces the thinker to find a creative solution by limiting the space of possibilities by reconsidering the relations between existing elements: their arrangement in space and time; their assigned functions and their necessity, ....
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